Farmhouse Style Toilet Paper Holders!

toilet paper holder

Something so basic and simple such as toilet paper holders are so crucial to living. Haha, I’m so dramatic, but I’m sooooo serious! The traditional toilet paper holders are so annoying. They loosen the screws unto the wall overtime and that will cause the actual toilet papers to fall. I really, really dislike that! When I was decorating the guest bathroom, I chose a lot of items from MyGift store on Amazon. I was doing a collaboration with them a few years ago and I was so thankful to find their items. They’re definitely the style I love. One of those items was a toilet paper holders that you just slide the toilet paper from the side! Since then… I have wanted to replace the other bathrooms with these, but didnt. Well, until now! Finally two years later!

This first one that I chose for our bathroom is a dual toilet paper holder.. I think this one is kind of funny because who needs a dual one? But, I ended up really liking it because my eight year old uses this bathroom, too. Sometimes the toilet paper just go so fast and I love how there’s a backup one just in case the other runs out. Another thing to note is that if you or your spouse is an OVER or an UNDER person… you can have both! LOL!

freestanding toilet paper holder

farmhouse toilet paper holder

The one in our kids’ bathroom upstairs is a freestanding toilet paper holder. I really, really like this one because of course, it’s freestanding so there’s no installation needed. The other reason is that it has a spot for extra toilet papers! I love how we can store three extra ones. It’s a nice organization built in so they can just add more toilet papers as needed. This one also has a shelf on the top for decor and for sprays!

watch the video!

If you are wondering how these items would arrive in your home and an unboxing of these two items… Feel free to watch the video! Well, that’s it friends. Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll see you on the next post!


Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder Stand with Reserve,
Double Toilet Paper Holder Shelf

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