Rabbit Hutch Setup

Since we adopted our little holland lop bunny, of course that would mean we had to figure out how to make her little home inside our home! I came across this cute little rabbit hutch at walmart.com and fell instantly in love! I love the white wash colors and how it fit very well in our living room. Even though she is a tiny dwarf bun, we still opted for the large size!

This hutch has two doors: one is the white wooden one and the other is the cage to easily refill food and water. The white wooden door opens up like a ramp so it serves as a two in one! I have seen other hutches that do NOT do that and I was boggled how the bunny would come out and play. I mean, I guess I can always pick them up but I rather not play chase and catch the bunny in the hutch haha.

I have the littler pan on the left side of the hutch closest to the cage because of the hay feeder. Bunnies poop while they eat so this is why this WORKS! Since we’ve gotten our Miffy bunny, there has been no pee outside of the litter pan either. I’m so proud of her!

The litter pan that you see here is actually a small size, but we have since then upgraded to the large size litter pan. That one comes with two litter pans and a sifting pan. I don’t even use the sifting pan, but just alternate the two pans when it’s time for the hutch deep cleaning each week!

Sometimes I put her food bowl of her pellets right next to the water, but most of the time it would be in the litter pan. I just think it’s better hehe and now that we have the large size, she has a lot more room in there! The rabbit hay feeder is pretty amazing and we really love it. I refill it twice or three times a day, I just check on it every time we have a meal to see if she still has hay. The hutch can also be opened from the top which makes refilling the hay MUCH easier.

On the bottom of the hutch is where I store her pellets, oats, and a wooden crate filled with the necessities. I’ve had this crate for a while now but decided the message of this crate is so cute here. It’s going to be a good day, good feeling!

I found the glass jars at my local Hobby Lobby, I did link it on their website but I didn’t see these exact style so check out your local store!

In the wooden crate, I have a mini dust pan that I LOVE and recommend so much. It’s small enough that you can clean the hutch real quick while Miffy is out having her play time. I also have gloves, a towel, pet nail cutter, grooming brush, and I’m pretty sure some random toys in there.

There is the Boomer and George logo over here that I thought looked really nice with the gold and black. I made a little wreathe to make her door look cuter. I just got some random white flower stems at hobby lobby and cut two to three stems, twisted them, and just taped them together. So easy!

My little bunny Miffy is so cute, ah I love her! The kids love her and they always want to play with her. I love this hutch came with a ramp because it allows her to choose to come outside or not. It also makes it easier for us to just let her go back into her hutch when she’s done playing!

Do you have a bun and looking for a rabbit hutch and how to set it up? I hope this post is helpful! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and until next time!

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