Finally Picked Up Our RV!

monaco camelot 2009

Hello, my friends! This has been a long time coming. Ever since we sold our travel trailer in 2019, we have been waiting and looking, and more waiting to find a Class A Diesel Pusher Motorhome. Ahhhh, it’s finally here. We went through a journey to bring this RV home. I never realized how crazy the process is to buy an RV. It’s actually like buying a home. Well, I mean, it is…. a motorHOME, I just never realized how ew it was. Lol. The process was lengthy and requires so many steps and processes!

monaco camelot 2009

There is such a shortage for the specific one we wanted. We knew we wanted a diesel pusher, but which one? What year? What make? So many questions. On top of that, since because of Covid, everyone, their parents and their ancestors are buying motorhomes like crazy. They were bought super fast. On top of THAT, dealers spiked up their prices and started charging an arm, leg, neck, butts, feet, and ears for them. It was ridiculous. We also visited a couple of dealerships. Some were welcoming and some were just very judgmental. My husband and I don’t look our age and look possibly at least five or so younger. My husband can shave off ten years off his face once he shaves his beard. Haha… One dealership in particular didn’t even greet us or ask if we needed help. Just straight ignored! Yikes. I was very SAD and lol, offended, but looking back it was actually a good thing. Their prices are ridiculous!

My husband found this one off of RV Trader. I think he was also looking for a specific year which is the 2009, I believe. Another reason is that this is the oldest the lender could approve I think. I don’t know the specific things about that. The seller was so amazing. They were very responsive, helpful, and patient. They did so much that they didn’t have to. They replaced the tires and also brought them into the Cummins for servicing.

Because of COVID related issues that I don’t know about, they only had one tech to work on a lot of RVs. Like, a lot. My husband actually flew down to San Diego, CA to check it out at Cummins. He said there were so many RVs waiting to be serviced. I think ours was there for a few months before they could even work on it. Let’s not even talk about waiting for parts to be delivered to them. It’s insane!

I just found it so amazing that the sellers kept pushing through. It was like they wanted us to have it. The lady was concerned that it didn’t have a couch that pulls out unto a bed and that the washer/dryer combo didn’t work too well. They could’ve kept the listing up so more potential buyers could see it and buy it. Who knows, they could’ve had someone who wanted to buy it as is! Thinking from a seller’s view, don’t you want this to be sold as possible?And with less cost to you? Lol. This was such a mystery to me at the time.

monaco camelot 2009

We were getting nervous as time went by because we thought we would pick it up before Thanksgiving. Nope… then beginning of December… nope! Oh my, the days just kept on passing by and literally all of us were getting worried. It was the end of the year and if 2022 came along, we couldn’t have bought that specific year anymore. From what I gathered, 2009 was the last year that the Monaco’s were built with great materials. I think now it is different, they’ve cut costs, and made them cheaper? That’s what the seller was talking about, too!

Then, finally the sellers texted my husband and said that it would be ready to be picked up on the 20th of December. Wow. Not only that, but my husband had vacation all week so we didn’t have to rush getting home at all. He bought tickets for our family to go down to San Diego to pick it up. The only possible obstacle we could run across was that the bank wouldn’t fund the money on that exact date due to processing times.

It sounds like a bunch of worries, huh? Well, it was! I’m a worry rat. A worry BRAT. I can spiral down out of control just worrying of the unknown. After a couple years of my journey with Christ… I’ve finally learned what it meant to trust Him completely. I don’t know why things happen. All I know is that I prayed for God to take us around the world to meet people. I want to meet other people who also love God all around the world. I want to meet those who don’t know Jesus Christ, those who don’t have a relationship with Him. I want to meet those people like me that wanted to know Jesus, but didn’t know how. I also have personal reasons that can be deemed as only for me. Lol, I used to not care about camping but after seeing how much my kids enjoyed it… I ended up LOVING it!

It was so fun to just check out different places with the kids. I love seeing how they interact with different environments and people. I love camping near a beach, I love having road trips with them. It’s just an experience that you cannot wait on. They’re still so young and still want to be around us. They’re not too consumed with high school, activities, “oh I just wanna be with my friends”, etc. Haha. So I prayed. I prayed and talked with God and asked Him to bless us with an RV that is the one He wanted for us, If He wills it. This part I understood completely. If He wills it. Two years later, here it is.

monaco camelot 2009

The woman in the red is the seller. She is something else, like out of this world made for this world. I know this sounds weird, but after meeting her… I understood why God chose this for us, why it took so long to find one, and why it is from her! She used to go camping a lot with her husband, I think they even have an RV gang, haha. I’m not sure but I did find a super cute notebook that said that. They had a group of RV-ers! They sold their RV because her husband cannot drive it anymore since they’re getting older.

But that’s not why I said she’s something else. She is SO filled with the Spirit of Christ. She’s so kind and full of smiles. Just that joy that cannot be shaken. That’s how I know this is God led. We could’ve bought an RV from literally anyone, but we bought it from her. A woman who loves Jesus so much that even her house is filled with everything that spoke of Jesus. Yes, I went to use her bathroom and was immediately in awe.

The bank ended up funding the money to the seller when we were in the middle of looking at the RV. It was just on time! We were able to drive off when it was still light out and we didn’t need to spend the night at a hotel to wait for the bank. Although we caught the LA traffic which was super bad and anxiety inducing, but oh my golly, we made it HOME! We made it home before the snowstorm arrived. Can you imagine?!!!!!! The timing is perfect. We were safe. Before I end this post, I really want to share that she even prayed over a blessing for us. Her words were just so beautiful that I got teary eyed. She got teary eyed! I just don’t get how God works, but He does.

I have no clue what the future holds for us. I have no idea all the places we are going to go and the people we will meet, but I’m going to choose to keep trusting Him. Living life with God is so wonderful. Everything is viewed from the eyes and heart of joy even though it can seem the opposite. He teaches us things from everything and He sees if you will look at it as an opportunity to learn. Two years isn’t that long, but by golly, it seemed so long during the waiting period. While this RV is not considered “the perfect” thing ever as it doesn’t even have couches kids can sleep on, lol but we GOT PLANS! We got ideas! I will share those later, though. For now, join us for the journey that we had by watching the video above! It’s a VLOG style on our journey to bring the RV home. From a plane ride to a road trip! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you on my next post.


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