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Looking to create your own home bar? I’ve got some cute, rustic, yet modern ideas for you! This post contains affiliate links from amazon and hobby lobby.

Creating a home bar in a corner of your home can be super fun, especially if you often have events or gatherings. I love being organized because that means that everything is NEAT and easy to find. I have divided the two sides into a wine side and the other, liquor and beer side! Doing this makes it easy not just for us, but also for our guests to find what they need.

*This post contains affiliate links! Thank you for your support.


home bar decor ideas

If you do not have cabinets for your home bar, simply use a wall wine rack. These ones are so pretty because it has such a rustic look to it with a touch of modern, which is absolutely my favorite look! This makes it look very nice for your whole area but it also can be used to feature certain wines. I like to only store two wine bottles on each rack and finish it off with a greenery or favorite wine glasses.

I have so much wall space so just the shelves would not complete it! I went to Hobby Lobby and after walking back and forth the aisles fifty times, I decided on these two wall decors! We will occasionally have drinks and also during family gatherings and events, but the truth is we have to be mindful of what we do in everything and that includes consuming alcohol.

This Live A Good Story sign is a reminder that we must live a good story no matter what we do. Know our limits and be mindful of our actions! I love having this here because it’s visible to my guests also. I was going to create my own sign that says “Home Bar” but the galvanized metal letters were too big so I chose to put just “BAR” on the other wall. It still works, though and it looks so cute, hehe!

A wine station would not be complete without a wine opener… and I’m going to tell you right now, just TRY this electric wine opener. It is so awesome, haha. Don’t forget your wine aerator, too! I have mine on the serving trays coming up next! But before that, how cute is this menu paddle board? It is actually a chalk board and it only says “Menu” on it, by the way. Use a liquid chalk to write your item names on it! I’m quite happy of how my calligraphy looks haha…. NOT A PRO, but trying.

home bar decor ideas

Let’s talk about the serving trays now! YAY! This comes in a set of two: one large and one small. The large size I am using for the wine bottles that are already opened and to store some wine tumblers, and the aerator. That way when my guests come or if my husband and I are having a wine night, it’s ready to go.

home bar decor ideas

Do you throw your corks? or do you become a total cork hoarder? This wine cork storage is literally AWESOME. It is the cutest thing ever and so easy to use. It’s not really a wall storage but we just used nails and it can definitely BE. On the side of the cork organizer, you can open it!

home bar decor ideas

I am such a girlie girl, hehe and when I saw these copper wine tumblers, I had to have it. It’s SO PRETTY. I am starting to really like the tumblers because it really fits my clumsy personality… less to knock over.


home bar decor ideas

On this side of our bar corner is where the mixing happens! This chalk board with the basket is really nice. I didn’t know what to write on there so I just googled something and thought this looked cute. Do you get the message? LOL now that I read it again it’s not a very good message.

home bar decor ideas

In the basket, I have small whiskey glasses that I’m using to store some skinny black straws, glass markers, measuring shot glass, and a mixer. I think there’s some wine stoppers there, too. On the left side of that is a really oh so cute whitewash ladder that I’m using for my tea towel! This towel is so cute because it has cocktail recipes on it. I found it at target by the way in the “dollar” section.

home bar decor ideas

This serving tray is the small serving tray that I’m using for these nifty looking whiskey glasses! I still am pretty surprised four of these glasses can fit in this small serving tray.

Behind that and next to the board with the basket is a shot glass display. My husband got it from his brother from Christmas and it looks so fun over here. That way if you’re not “on the rocks” type of person… go mix your drinks! HAPPY HOUR!


home bar decor ideas

The paper towel holder is so nice. I am in love with the rustic (again) look of this. It’s a whitewash gray type of color and it looks so nice!

home bar decor ideas

We have a small sink at the bar area and of course, we must have dish soap over here. I found this cute tiny stool at hobby lobby as well and using it as a sponge rest as well! Behind it, I have another greenery to liven up the space.

home bar decor ideas

Last but not least, I have this wine wooden crate that can store 12 bottles. I have extra wine bottles and also non-alcoholic beverages such as apple cider! It’s a perfect storage area especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

home bar decor ideas

This napkin holder is a must to have. I really like having this here because it’s easy for my guests to find! They no longer have to ask and annoy me. Just kidding, lol but I really do like making things available for our guests!

home bar decor ideas

For people like us that regularly have gatherings in our home, being organized is my top priority! I love knowing that everything is neat and ready for the next event. I hope you like this home bar decor ideas. Thank you for visiting my blog and see you on my next post!

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  1. Nadinely Harvey
    January 14, 2020 / 10:39 PM

    Nice little personal touches!…& stylish practical items…like that napkin holder…& allll the wine organization items haha.

    • xolivi
      January 16, 2020 / 1:11 PM

      Thank you 😀

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