Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation + Skin Correct Concealer

dior forever skin glow foundation + dior forever skin correct concealer

Hi, lovelies! Today I’ve got a tried and true foundation review for you today. I bring you DIOR! I don’t change my foundations often because I have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts if I’m not careful. It’s always been an uneventful, unjoyful, and boring journey within my foundation life, haha. I have two favorites so far and it’s both by Charlotte Tilbury. I am running out of my Light Wonder Foundation in the shade 6, and I want to try something different because I just want the PERFECT shade for me I can wear everyday at least once in my lifetime.

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dior forever skin glow foundation + dior forever skin correct concealer

Dior packaging looks nice with its black and clear glass bottle. I don’t travel often, so the glass doesn’t bother me but I bet for all you travelers… it might be scary?! Broken foundation glass lol ew. Anyway! The Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation in the shade 2WO is literally the. perfect. shade. for me. I felt like Dior made it just for me! Not really, I know, but really, yes.

If you watch the video below, you will see my journey to this foundation shade finding, haha. It’s hilarious. Do you guys remember the MASK movie with Jim Carey? That was me for a few minutes.

dior forever skin glow foundation

The foundation has a pump which is a must for me. It also makes the foundation last longer because there’s limit exposure to air. I love that and I feel like all foundations need a pump. At first, I got the shade 3WO because Sephora matched me to 4WO, which is a NO. That is way too dark and I have no clue why it matched me to that, so I thought 3WO would be perfect. LOL, nope. Way too olive like I can’t even. I exchanged it to 2WO and it’s perfection. It’s Livi’s skin color in a bottle. The foundation has claims to have medium coverage and I agree with that 100%!

dior forever skin correct concealer

The Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer is the typical doe foot applicator. I think the doe foot is bigger than normal, though. That thing is huge, lol. If you’re familiar with Dior, I feel like their doe foot applicators are just big in general. I have the glosses and they are pretty big, too. I got the shade 2WO for the concealer as well.

I love this thing for the under eyes. It’s super creamy and just feels so good! The concealer has a full coverage claim, and I don’t agree with that. Maybe I agree like 60% haha, if you build it up and cake it on LOL. Let’s not do that. I think it’s just a medium coverage. I don’t like it too much for the face or spot concealing because I don’t think it covers dark blemishes well due to the creaminess of the product. It’s great for redness concealing, though.

For dark blemishes, I need to color correct. Maybe I should get the 2WP peach shade for that purpose, but I already have my fave and trusty Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish Corrector in the shade Medium 2! The CT Vanish corrector, I also use that to color correct underneath my eyes, but I didn’t use that for that purpose in the photos below or in the video.


Dior 2WO foundation really is my perfect shade! As you can see the CT Light Wonder in 6 is the exact shade as the Dior 2WO concealer, which is why the Light Wonder, while in the right undertone… is a tad too light for all over the face. It’s basically my concealer shade and I would always need to use bronzer to make it look just right!

The CT Airbrush Foundation in 7.5 which is described as a neutral shade, but it actually has slight olive undertones as well, it looks slightly a tad darker than the Dior 2WO Skin Glow in the photo. It is also a matte formula, but on the face the shade doesn’t look any different at all besides the finish. It doesn’t look any different when compared to the 2WO Skin glow in the photo above as well. The thing is, this foundation is definitely not an everyday foundation. It’s more for events where you’re completely flawless lol. I think it would be too heavy to wear as an everyday foundation.

Hop over to the right side of the photo, and you can see that the CT Magic Away in 5.5 (olive undertone) is the same shade as the CT Foundation in 7.5 which is why I LOVE this shade for face spot concealing. Last but not least, I have the Hourglass Vanish Concealer in Fawn for those flawless, glam days that I want my under eyes to look brightened. Fawn has yellow undertones and you can see the difference in the photo above next to the Dior 2WO concealer.


dior forever skin glow foundation + dior forever skin correct concealer

Here are the foundation and concealer on the face! I love the natural glow it gives, so radiant and skin like. I wore the 2WO concealer under my eyes only because it’s so lightweight and creamy. The foundation and concealer wears so well throughout the day and feels like nothing! In these photos, I color corrected and I spot concealed my dark blemishes underneath my nose area with the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer in shade 5.5.

I love CT concealer in shade 5.5 for the face as a spot concealing product because it covers so well and for this specific shade, it’s a matte finish so it is pretty thick and has longevity! On that note, for some reason I don’t like the CT Magic Away concealer underneath my eyes, lol. I’m starting to understand why people have more than one concealer!

Here is another look using the foundation and concealer with color correcting! This one, I used the Magic Vanish to color correct underneath my nose AND underneath my eyes for my dark circles as well. Wooh! I feel like this makes my makeup full coverage and flawless. Love this combo, I love a medium coverage foundation because I can make it full coverage by spot concealing. We don’t need to pack on a whole bunch of layers everywhere!


I have to say this again and again… THESE DO NOT BREAK ME OUT AND I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!! I’ve worn this for over a week now and usually if my face doesn’t like something, it will me know in at the most, two days. It’s so weird, though because this foundation has SPF, fragrance, and alcohol. I don’t understand, this should’ve broken me out but it didn’t.

It just goes to show that I may be a risk taker… I just had to try it because they made olive undertone foundation shade for a light-medium skin tone like me! I’m glad I tried it. Don’t forget to watch the video to see what application method works well with these products. Thanks so much for visiting and I’ll see you on my next post!

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