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Now that you’ve gotten some ideas from my previous post on how to decorate a small bathroom, here’s another idea on how to decorate your bathroom for guests! I wanted to make this bathroom friendly for our guests so that they don’t have to fret to find anything if they need to… but I also wanted to make it welcoming and calming.

Thank you to MyGift for sending over a few items to give our guest bathroom a makeover and to give you some ideas on how to make your own guest bathroom beautiful and effective! MyGift is an online store based in Seattle, WA and they carry lots of rustic home organization and decors. Find them on their website and Amazon. This post also contains affiliate links, thank you for your support!

First of all, this wooden wall decor is perfection! I think it creates a good feeling when I read it and I hope it does too for anyone who comes in here. I wanted everything thats a necessity to be out in the open so that guests can help themselves.

I seriously love this ladder towel rack. It’s so beautiful and fits perfectly to the theme I had in mind when decorating this bathroom. Simple, yet effective! I was able to hang two bath towels and two face towels on this ladder.

Bath TowelsLadder Towel RackBlessed Sign

Let’s talk about being uncomfortable. I know that when guests come and they have to you know… go number two, it can get a little nerve wrecking of what they can leave behind. Sure you can’t see it, but sometimes you can definitely smell it, haha.

This toilet paper holder with a SHELF from MyGift is pretty darn awesome. Guests can rest their belongings here like a watch or phone, but I also like to make available something to make them feel comfortable. These Air Scense sprays are amazing. I really, really LOVE it and I have it in every bathroom in my house. The Spray & Go is to be sprayed before, and the big air refresher is for after! Even better, the scents are from essential oils and is totally toxic free.

Back to the toilet paper holder, I just want to point out that this style is so me. I don’t know what it is, but I truly despise the generic toilet paper holders. They’re so annoying and often just falls off the side holders! I gave up for quite a while and would put my toilet paper rolls on top of the holder, HAHA but not anymore. These are sturdy and easy to use.

Air Scense OrangeAir Scense CitrusToilet Paper Holder With Shelf

We technically have a linen closet in the bathroom for our towels, but it is also used to store extra toilet papers, too. Costco shopper here! Whenever I am at somebody else’s house and they run out of toilet paper…. I feel EXTRA weird for rummaging through their stuff to look for them so I know I wanted to have a little area for it just in case we run out.

I found this cute little wagon at Ross Dress For Less when we visited Portland the other weekend. When I saw this, I knew what I wanted to use it for. I can fit about five toilet paper rolls in this and it’s perfect!

Our previous towel holder was really obnoxiously big, and it took us about two years to replace it ever since we moved in. MyGift has such cute storage and organization and this hand towel holder does not disappoint! It’s modern but it’s still giving me some farmhouse feel to it. I added some flowery stems with our hand towel to add some color to this area.

I also got some cute round mini vases as well and it adds such a beautiful but subtle color to my bathroom. It’s actually a four pack and I decorated with it in different spots of the bathroom! One is next to the soap dispenser, by the air refreshers, and two by the window next to the other apothecary bottle!

Clear Mini VasesHand Towel Holder

These apothecary bottles come in a set of two. For this one, I took some of the stuff inside the big glass one on the floor next to the wagon and put it in here. I did have to snap off the ends a little bit to make it fit and it looks so cute, I love it!

Since my youngest is still a little shorty, she still needs a step stool to use the potty and to wash her hands. It’s a must to have in guest bathrooms as well! Birthday parties, play dates, and family gatherings will bring all the toddlers and little kids. This step stool will make it so much easier for them and I really love the farmhouse look it gives! I found it at Hobby Lobby online because they always have such great discounts going on. If the sale is over, use your daily 40% off code in their app!

Step StoolApothecary Bottles


Last but not least, our guests have NO TROUBLE finding where our bathroom is. The men and women bathroom signs is perfect for this. I love the neutral colors and matches our walls very nicely. What did you think of these ideas? I hope it gives you some inspiration for your guest bathroom. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I’ll see you on my next post!

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Women’s Bathroom Sign
Men’s Bathroom Sign
Clear Mini Vases
Hand Towel Holder
Step Stool
Apothecary Bottles
Air Scense Orange
Air Scense Citrus
Toilet Paper Holder With Shelf
Bath Towels
Ladder Towel Rack
Blessed Sign



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