13th Birthday Party Decor!

I can’t believe it has been thirteen years! Kids sure do grow up fast and Keilani is officially a teenager. She chose peachy pink, gold, and black for her theme this year. It was pretty easy to find decoration for a 13th birthday!

the decor

This table is our party table. Lol, it’s huge to accommodate birthday party foods and decor. I always use the same things every year with little changes here and there. These fruit tarts are sooooo yummy and I love how pretty they make the spread look!

See? Doesn’t it look so yummy? Anyway! I found these cupcake toppers on Etsy. It’s actually very cute and can make the decor look extremely pretty. I love the sparkly gold so much!

Obviously, I didn’t use them for cupcakes. I popped them on everything I could. These come in a set of six. Three of the official teenager and three of the number 13! One thing I have to say though… is that I didn’t like the sticks it’s attached to. It’s not waterproof so it can get stained and soggy after washing them. I would eventually replace these sticks!

Next are these photo props! I stored them in these mason jars that I DIY’d for her tenth birthday party. It’s super easy to do but of course takes so much drying time in between coats. So worth it though… three years later, they’re still being used!

The photo props come fully assembled and there are SO MANY. There will be plenty for your child, family, and friends to choose from. It also comes with extra adhesives in case some of them fall off. Mine actually had one that fell off and I ended up using it!

the cake

13th birthday decor

The cake that we chose is a rosette cake! Wow, it’s so beautiful. The swirly design makes it fun but still so pretty! The color is actually a pearlized peachy pink. It turned out to be so super cute!

We wanted pretty and fun, but also simple! I was wondering what I was going to put on the top of the cake. I stumbled upon this 13 Cake Topper on Amazon. This is gold, but it has rhinestones on it. Ah, i love how much it matches the cake so wonderfully! I also picked the color light brown for the lettering which pairs perfectly.

her shirt

Now it’s the shirt! Ummmm, wow this is cute! Okay okay, I keep saying cute over and over in this post but I just can’t help it. This 13th Birthday Official Teenager Shirt is also from Etsy. You can pick whatever color that best suits your needs, any size from child to adult sizes. I picked a size xsmall in the shade heather peach for women because I figured she’d want to wear it randomly. Also because, she better wear it more than once since I paid for it LOOLLL.

photo props

Aren’t these fun??? Everyone enjoyed playing around with these props. They constantly changed their props for each picture. Trust me… there was SOOO MANY pictures that I took.

my precious teenager!

Look how big she is! Next one is the sweet sixteen. Yikes. I’m not ready for that. Haha. I am so thankful as a mama that we are able to celebrate her in this way. She’s so precious and wonderful. You know how you know that God loves you? It’s because of this. The look in your child’s eyes and the sound of their laughter. Their smiles! It’s pure joy and we often forget the little things.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some great ideas for your teenager! Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll see you on the next post.


13 Cake Topper
Gold Happy 13th Birthday Banner
Fully Assembled 13th Birthday Photo Booth Props
Official Teenager Cupcake Topper
13th Bday Shirt
Serving Plates
Cake Stand

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