Craft Room Setup Ideas

craft room setup ideas

This room is where the magic happens! Okay, maybe not magic but just where all the creativity happens. This multi-purpose room is both for adults and kids alike. In the previous post, I share about my home gym corner that is also in this room… but for this post, I’ll be sharing ALL about the crafty side!

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craft room setup ideas

This little spot right here is the “HELLO” spot. Hehe, this room is right next to the garage so I’ve got a few things here that are easy to grab for things we might need in the garage. On the bottom part though, are more gym equipment!


craft room setup ideas

This is the IKEA kallax that has four rows and four columns. I placed it here to partly serve as a beverage bar. There are mugs, disposable hot cups, honey, stirring spoons, hand sanitizer, and mason jars full of instant drinks. I have kopiko instant coffee, hot cocoa, green tea, and ginger tea. I also put my huge water bottle there!

craft room setup ideas

Right next to that shelf, I have my fave ever water dispenser by Primo! I love this thing. I spend a lot of time here in this room working on a project or working out. One thing I drink alot is…. wooooo water! Having this Primo water dispenser here makes it easy for us to get water anytime we need it. Whether I’m working out, on the craft table, or if my husband is working in the garage… he can just grab water here!


craft room ideas

Speaking of crafting… I have MORE shelves! This specific one that you see thats along the wall are also the IKEA Kallax, but this one is five rows and five colums. I have two of these side by side. Clearly, I’m not finished decorating it yet, but what can I do? I can’t go to hobby lobby yet. NOT OPEN! I’ll wait until the world opens up again.

On the shelf that’s by the table, I have stored everything I would need while being on this station. I’ve got paper, colored paper, pens, markers, scissors, decorative scissors, stickers, scrapbook paper… ugh, you name it. It’s on that side!

craft room setup ideas

On the actual table, I have a wooden crate filled with what I mostly use like scissors, tape, pencils, pens, etc. This table is called the IKEA Skarsta sit and stand table. I also have my Cricut maker, a tissue jar, a lamp, and this scrapbooking thing I’ve had for so long that I don’t really know what it’s called. Scrapbook paper storage? Although, I’m basically using it for recycling leftover paper lol. By the way, this CHAIR is amazing. It swivels and it is adjustable which makes it perfect for this type of table. This table can be moved up or down as well which makes it awesome!

craft room ideas
craft room ideas

This utility cart is actually a three tiered cart. I love that it has wheels so I can roll it to wherever I need it. I use it for both crafting needs and gym needs! I store my water bottle, sweat towel, and my measuring tape there, too. IKEA has it in a few different colors but like always I opt for the neutral color. By the way, that one is called the Raskog cart, but I’m sure you can find it ANYWHERE ELSE like from this tiered rolling cart from amazon.


craft room ideas

I didn’t pick this chaise in a neutral color, though! This specific chaise is called the IKEA Soderhamn chaise. This blush pink is so cute and light that it gives a nice subtle pop of color. This is my lounging area that I mostly use for planning or when I play around with the felt letter boards. When my kids are with me, they’re on here just playing games or doing some NON MESSY kid project, hehe. Last time, my daughter was chilling on here watching Netflix while I was working out. Must be nice to relax!

craft room setup ideas

Can you tell that this whole shelf by the chaise is dedicated to happy planner and felt letter boards? HAHA. I love it. This throw pillow that I randomly found at the target “dollar spot” is perfect for this chaise. Stay awhile, please!

craft room ideas

The bookcase that is to the right in the picture above are Billy bookcases. The price is affordable compared to other bookcases. I am also not done organizing this area yet as it’s just a whole bunch of random stuff everywhere. I plan to use this bookcase for my personal items, though. My sunglasses, makeup, photos, and I’m not sure what else yet. Any ideas?


craft room setup ideas

Last but not least, the wrapping station! This is where all the wrapping gets done. This pegboard is also from IKEA and it is called the Skadis pegboard. They have it in two colors with a whole bunch of different pegboard hooks or holders and also there are containers that you can choose. I would always recommend to go into the actual IKEA store first before ordering online. I have rolls of wrapping paper on the left side there because they are the HUGE ones.

craft room ideas

I have 8 regular sized wrapping paper here, four string ribbons, and a few fabric ribbons. In the containers, I store scissors! The only thing that I’m missing in this craft room besides the decor are extra chairs.

craft room setup ideas


craft room setup ideas

You’ve reached the end! I hope you enjoyed this craft room tour and don’t forget to watch the video. I think I’ve shared more information in there and showed the other corner of this room. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and see you on my next post! I’ll be talking all about the FOOD SCALE!

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Three TIered Cart
Skadis Pegboard Ikea
Skadis Pegboard Container
Skadis Pegboard Holder
Felt Boards
Cricut Maker
Ginger Tea
Primo Dispenser
Coffee Crisp
Mason Jars


craft room ideas

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