What Can Fathers Do?


In our family, my husband and I have different things we do for the children. It comes without planning and I think it works so well for us. For instance, my husband is the breakfast master. He will make pancakes, waffles, or French toast for them. For me, I’d rather not and I’ll help with making scrambled eggs with toast. Toaster waffles, cereal, or oatmeal. You know, easy peasy less cleaning stuff! Hey! I have lunch and dinner that I would rather do. Hahaha! Leave the ihop breakfasts to my husband. The kids love to help him as well and I think that’s where the bond grows with them. Because this special moment is reserved for Papa.

Picture My husband is also the king of bedtime stories. They absolutely love this time of the day as well. Routine is so key for our children because they know they always have bonding time everyday, What is so great about being a great father is that even if he knows he’s tired, He still reads them stories before bed, even if he falls asleep reading them. When I think about it, these kids will not want these bedtime stories forever and it’s amazing how he holds on to that bonding time.

Time is everything and the passion we put into these little things mean much more to them. For instance, Ezekiel looks forward to bedtime prayer with him. He ALWAYS asks for them every night. I think it makes him feel safe and drifts him into a peaceful state before he closes his eyes at the end of the night. One funny thing though, if Ezekiel falls asleep before one of us gets a chance to pray for him, he just randomly wakes up in the middle of the night and says “it’s taking too long” (for someone to pray with him) it is so cute and funny because he probably thinks it’s 10pm when it’s actually 4AM. LOL! When this happened, even though it’s really early or late in the night, I really found a joyful realization that this little guy really loves God. He made me see that the day is not complete without thanking God and telling Him that he loves Him at the end of the night. What is also even more amazing is that he connects this special thing with us.


Father and son bonding time is so crucial in a son’s life. They get to have man time! Haha, at times my husband and Ezekiel will just have a day out to themselves. In this case, he took him to a monster truck show. My husband told me that it made him so happy to see Ez smiling, and that sole attention that he got during this time is so special. He sometimes randomly talks about that day to me and brings it up out of nowhere. Fathers may get busy with work and less time they get to spend with their children, but when you set aside some moments or one whole day for them, it surely means the world. No one is that busy that they can’t do this. It builds and grows the relationship that fathers and their children have. When they get older, I feel that children will be more comfortable and more open with their personal life as well. Sure, it will be much harder when they’re teenagers but they will know our relationship is strong that they can come to us with anything.


Given that a father’s career or job allows him to be flexible, This is another opportunity that a father can do for their children to show them that they are important. My husband loves to be there for school events. Even though he can’t be there for every event, he tries to make time for special ones such as field trips! Our daughter, Keilani, loves this! I also love seeing this coming from my husband. I honestly feel and know that he is such an amazing dad that he does so well to be there. As a daughter myself to a very busy dad growing up, I know what it does to a child not to have moments like this. I understand not all dads can do this for their kids, and it doesn’t mean anything bad If some dads can’t, I’m just plainly saying that it’s such a beautiful gesture for our kids.

PictureLastly but definitely not the least, cute little moments like this, such as walking in the rain with your daughter’s girly umbrella is SO cute. I love our youngest daughter’s reactions to papa’s love for her. I remember looking back at them and seeing how happy she was to have papa under her umbrella.

At times when she had her little moments with papa. She randomly says to me, “I like Papa” and it’s her toddler way of saying that she remembers what he does for her. Even as young as Mileina is, she knows and remembers how well time with him means to her.

There is never a day that is too busy, and there is never a day that love cannot be shown. Steal those moments with your children even if it is just ten minutes at a time. Reserve a certain activity specifically for dads that makes it special just for the sole reason because it’s WITH dad.


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