What should the youngest do when older siblings are at school?


Having more than one sibling in school leaves the youngest one out! This picture was taken before her older brother was off to pre school, we just had dropped her older sister off to school. I don’t like to leave her without activities when she is the only kid in the house, so during Monday and Wednesdays… Story time at the library is perfect! They recently moved the times to be very inconvenient with the school schedule and when she was younger it just didn’t sit right with her naps time. Now that she’s older and with only one nap, it’s perfect! The library story time event consists of two or three books, a fun demo of said book with cute displays, and finally a craft project! Monday’s main story was about bluebird.



For a two year old, sometimes it’s hard for them to sit still and do the activities expected. I think it’s great that Mimi doesn’t have much problems in this area of listening, but it’s such a great opportunity to test her out! I loved seeing her point and going along with how the story played out.


​It was time to make her own bird and of course she picked the pink, yellow, and baby blue because it looked the most pretty. Us parents usually just wants to really help our kids make it, but she just was so eager to learn and try to do things herself. She wanted to glue, apply the feathers eyes and beak all by herself. Of course at the end she needed my help with the glue… Can we say sticky toddler? Haha.

While the library event is not available everyday for her age group, there are other fun things we do. We could still go there to pick out books and play with the toys there. Go to the park and take a walk when it’s sunny. Create our own crafts at home, help her help me prepare food for the day. There are also indoor play grounds available for tiny tots to enjoy. It’s also a special time to have breakfast or lunch date together. Most of all, the best time to go grocery shopping or run errands is when you only have one child to look after!

We don’t always go out whenever her siblings are at school, because I also think it’s a great opportunity for her to learn to play by herself. She doesn’t always need someone to be there for her to have fun, it teaches her it’s okay to do things alone. Now that spring and summer is coming, I can’t wait to spend time outside! It’s going to be much easier to find things for her to do and explore. Maybe soon we should run an errand to find her summer clothes, right Mimi?


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