T-Town Korean Cafe + Asian Markets!

Dear Friends,

If you didn’t know from the last post, I LOVE trying out new foodie places! I love me some Asian food. I love spicy, and I mean, spiiiicy food. I grew up eating extremely spicy foods because my family just loves it. My mom ate spicy food all the time so it’s natural to cook spicy food. Without any spice factor, it’s not edible LOL.

My sister Christine always takes me to the best Asian cafes in Tacoma, WA. This one is called T-Town and I’m guessing the T stands for Tacoma. Tacoma Town! We first went here together during Christmas time I believe when restaurants had limited dining in. So this day was a day or two before the restaurants closed dining in again. Talk about perfect timing!

The cafe is extremely cute. It sends off such a home and comforting feeling. I love places that decorate like this!

We always sit here. Lol, I’m not even sure why. This is literally in the corner of the restaurant.

Affogato is the best! Isn’t it literally just espresso and ice cream though? But really, it is soooo good. It’s an appetizer drink and dessert at the same time. Order this, have some, set it aside and…

EAT SPICY FOOD! On the right side, it is bulgogi fries. Ughhhhhhh, it is so good I am not even exaggerating. It’s crinkle fries, beef bulgogi, kimchi, sauce, spicy sauce, probably more sauce, and some herb topping. It hits the spot! The sandwich on the left side of the photo is… hmm, I forgot what it’s called but it’s also deliciously spicy and super tasty. Both of these together is not recommended because we were both so full after eating half of each dish. I mean, if you’re super hungry though, why not?

Oh yeah, there’s also cheese in it! This is our second time ordering this entree and the photo above was just last week. It’s just that good to keep reordering! I want some right now again.

After our brunch, we actually went to H-MART because I needed to replenish my pantry of some delicious Asian foods, snacks, seasonings, sauces, etc. The picture above is not at H-MART, but here’s us! It’s bubble island which is a bubble tea place.


Welcome to H-mart, where I literally love to buy my instant noodles here. This one though is a first buy. Christine wanted to try it because she watched some Korean TV show and this is what the guy liked to eat. This noodle is spicyyyyy, but it’s good. I could hang! You should try it, but you may have heartburn or farts.

I grew up eating this as a kid and since Amazon racks up the price, I got tired of buying it from there. This H-MART has stock! Next time, I’m going to ask them to buy it in boxes instead. It’s so flavorful, easy to make, and they have many flavors to choose from.

Indomie has two kinds of instant noodles. The soup kind and the mie goreng kind. Mie goreng is fried noodles. Mie = noodles, goreng = fried. As you can see, the Indonesian language is hmm, let’s say equivalent to French that we flip the words to describe it! My favorite of the mie goreng is actually the one with the white/blue wrapper which they didn’t have! *cries* That flavor is described as chicken barbecue.


Afterwards, we went to Shin Shin which is literally next to h-mart. This store is so cool. Knicks knacks, expensive rice cookers, blankets, kitchen stuff, kids items…

Slippers, and what is that… a hula hoop?

When I saw this, I was like Z O M G. These are the leg pillows that I grew up with!!!! I’ve been wanting this thing since I moved out of my mama’s house. Whenever I sleep, I NEED a pillow between my legs because if I don’t, my kneecaps will be so painful when I wake up in the middle of the night.

But I didn’t get it. It cost twenty dollars for this. Sigh. I would buy this as a gift for someone but not really to buy for myself. LOL. I will stick with my king size pillow for my legs for now I guess. As you can see from this photo, they have many things for bedding. I wanted to get one of their blankets because it is so soft. But I also didn’t get that.

I ended up purchasing a ceramic bowl with lid for my dinners. I love this because it’s the perfect size. It looks small, but it fits ALOT. I made some Korean bbq chicken here and some nasi goreng. From the lesson above, you totally know what that means! But here’s a hint, nasi = rice!

I also bought a cute tea set. It seriously is so cute and it was $20! Like foreal? This can easily be more than that. The teapot has an actual thingy inside of it to hold the tea leaves. It comes with four teacups and all of it has bunnies on it! I love bunnies. I will probably take pictures of that soon.

Alright friends, that is all that we did that weekend. It was a nice sister day out! What are some places you love that you keep going back to? Have a great day and remember, everyday is a blessing! And I’m not saying that to be a cliche, but it is a joy to wake up to another morning and focus on thankfulness. See you soon!


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