Farm 12 Restaurant

Dear Friends,

You know when you watch movies or TV shows and most of the time, there are ladies having brunches? There’s some truths to television because I LOVE brunches. I think they are so casual, no stress, not much planning when it comes to spending time with your girlfriends! My friend Hannah and I was REALLY missing eating out at restaurants and just having our usual random brunches. She told me about Farm 12 and how it’s basically outside, but inside and covered. We decided to get both breakfast and lunch here!

When I arrived, I was very pleased at all the cuteness and farmhouse style to it. I saw the outdoor rain pods which I thought was super funny, but also pretty cool. I want one of those for my backyard actually! The people who only wanted breakfast will sit here and enjoy their baked goods and coffee. There are also more on the other side with bigger benches which Hannah and I ate our croissants while waiting to be seated for lunch.

When we went, the bakery was open but the lunch seating area are open at 11 AM. It isn’t by reservation, though. Anyway, Isn’t this just so cute? These decorations are so my style, haha. If you zoom in a little closer to the bakery side, le pain au chocolat was my little breakfast treat! I love seeing French names for the food because I was like oh my gosh, I know what it means! Lol! Anyway, it means it’s a chocolate bread, but it’s actually a croissant and it was so delicious!

There are cakes and cold drinks available as well which is pretty nice. I like how they have other choices for non dairy drinks especially for my daughter who is allergic to dairy. I ordered a white chocolate mocha for my coffee!

These benches are the waiting area for when they make your coffee. At this moment, they don’t actually allow eating in this area yet due to covid, but I’m sure it’s different normally!

The huge garage doors are open, but they also have these heaters in here to keep us warm. Yes, outside but inside!

For appetizer, Hannah and I shared these bacon Brussels sprouts. Do you remember my previous post when I tried to remake this at home? Total fail! I never knew how annoying Brussels sprouts are to make lol. Anyways, these are SO good and I can’t wait to go back to Farm 12 to order this again.

For lunch, I ordered a chicken bacon sandwich and sweet potato waffle fries. These were soooooooo tasty, especially these sweet potato fries. Honestly, these were the best tasting ones I’ve ever tried. Hannah ordered salmon and mashed potatoes. She had me try some of hers and I am very convinced that all their foods are delicious. Okay, so they serve calamari normally which is my favorite appetizers ever in the world. During covid, they don’t have it so that was the only thing I was sad about.

We both left here with happy hearts and full tummies. The staff there are so, so, friendly and you can just tell they love what they do. I asked the chef there what they do about allergens should I bring my kids here and they told me that they cook accordingly and can accommodate allergens. I seriously love that. I can’t wait to take my family here one day! Hope you guys enjoy drooling over these foods. Are you hungry? Lol, thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you on my next letter!


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