Packing The RV For Our First Camping Trip

It’s super fun to go camping and visiting all the different places! Behind the scenes, of course there’s a lot of preparing prior to that. Haha, this is what I call mom life to the fullest. There are a few checklists that we’ve got to follow! First and foremost… FOOD! For a weekend trip, it is fairly easy because well, it’s just two days.

Our first trip was to go to Ocean City State Park in Hoquiam, WA and also to Quinault Marina + RV Park in Ocean Shores. The dinner menu for this trip is: Friday- Beef Burritos and mexican rice then Saturday- Cheeseburgers and grilled chicken.

I only list the dinner because breakfast and lunch are always easy and same ol’ same ol’ lol! Eggs, breakfast meat, blah blah. Hahaha. Well, since this is the first trip, there were a LOT of preparing. Most of them were off camera, though.. Check out the video above to see tidbits on how it’s like to prepare the RV for travel. It’s such a joy to be able to do this with the kids. No matter how much work it takes even, and for me, I see the love and gift of it so the work part of it is almost like a blessing.

The blessing to have the health to carry on. The blessing of peace in the Lord to be able to enjoy the time that we have. Choosing to see the positivity at all times, no matter what the world is like. Most of all, realizing that all the “bad” that could happen in this life… we could get through it no matter what so long as we believe in the Lord’s plan. You ask, “Well, what does camping and an RV have to do with the Lord?” It may seem like it’s nothing to the naked eye, but I believe God uses everything to help us grow. God turns everything around for His glory. His glory is often misunderstood, but it is for everyone come to know Him in the end.

Whatever we do in this life, doesn’t even have to be camping or having an RV, lol. In general, it is to thank the Lord for all the things in your life and being content with it. Doing this and living by this everyday teaches that you are not your own Lord or creator of your own life. It teaches you to have the utmost patience that this world does not offer. It gives you the gift of eternal peace that you find in the Lord.

Imagine that peace… and seeing the result of it. No more will we grumble of the things we do not have. No more will we complain of trivial things that we see often everyday.

Here’s one thing I experience in every campground I’ve been to (and it hasn’t been a lot). I see the beauty of the Lord’s creation. Wow, it’s just amazing. The waters, the trees, and the birds that I see… each time it feels like it’s different. Looking out into the beauty makes me realize that this world and the makeup of it is something we may never truly understand. But… it’s there! We see it with our own eyes. What lies deep within the darkest of the oceans? It brings me back to that one book in the bible. The man called Job, the one who had everything and beyond blessed and protected by the Lord. Once hardship took over, he questioned God. Well, His faith in the Lord kept going but he did question God. It is the human nature!

But, oh my, have you ever read word for word on God’s reply? He explained in DETAILS or the power that He holds, of things we do not know. I know when I really visualize those words, I’m just like, uhhh… what does that even look like? Lol. I remember of an ancient creature within the oceans that is basically a beast to everything, but this creature listened to the Lord. I can’t even comprehend what that looks like really, but just wow. As a matter of fact, I want to read the book of Job again.

So with that said, with vast of the things we do not know, how do we know the outcome of our faith in God? That little thing that you brush off, could be a big thing in God’s plan. This is life with God. Everyday I wake up, I think of Him. He lives with me. Even when I am physically alone, I am not alone in the Spirit.

On my youtube channel and Instagram, I share a lot of our life and the things we do! I try to share them here, too, but it is not the point of my blog. I share the deeper part of things. The reasons for the things I do. I am really excited for the adventures that God has in store for us. While, I don’t know what that looks like… I know that it will be carried within the hearts of our children and generations after that. After all, it isn’t actually our own whole story, but each small part is within all of us and whoever we come across.

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