A Sojourner

Have you ever felt like nothing satisfies? That you are always yearning for more? I felt that throughout my childhood, then my teenage years, and even now as an adult. This is my wondering mind this morning. Messy and undirected… possibly without point? Lol. I was laying down on my bed yesterday and looked around my environment. These walls that surround me and all the things we own could be gone in an instant. One day, a volcano could erupt and swallow it all. Maybe an earthquake would devastate and cause everything to ruins.

Then again, maybe those things won’t happen during our lifetime. I started thinking about how from when we were born and to this present day, nothing remains in its perfect condition. Everything breaks, gets old, and needs repairing. I think that’s why we aren’t supposed to find meaning in life with materialistic things.

I started imagining if everything remained perfect and there were no such things that could destroy it. Would we be extremely satisfied in this place we call our world? Will we not yearn for something more? Will we remain in absolute perfection with perfect happiness and perfect everything?

I definitely think so. We would be satisfied here and would not question who created us. This would be our “heaven”. We would not yearn to have a relationship with whom that gave us life. We would be glorifying ourselves like the things we own, the money we make, and nothing else. Can you imagine a life that stores things on this earth, and nothing in actual Heaven?

We all know that things started going downhill when sin entered. Little by little, we are a little more far away from God. Adam and Eve walked with God in the garden. They heard His footsteps when He was calling out to them after they sinned and talked with Him. As generations go afterwards, the less we sought out God. With each generation that deny Him, their children know less and less about Him. He becomes nothing more than a myth or merely a fantasy. There were a small count of people that remained in God’s presence like Seth, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Abraham, and so on. These are a very limited amount of people in comparison to the rest of the world.

Enoch was the one person who walked with God every second of his life that God brought him into heaven after a few years of life, but not before he “begat a son” lol. This part amazes me. The Bible doesn’t talk about him dying like the rest of the people. The Bible described how long people lived “And then he died”, but with Enoch it just said God took him! I wonder what type of relationship Enoch had with God. He must have been fully intentional with God.

I then started thinking about Abraham, the father of multitude! These days and age, the name alone would freak people out thinking he’s probably a terrorist. Only if they would look far back enough and see that even Muslim people’s ancestors goes back to Abraham’s first son ever, Ismael. Because of sin and how Ismael was even born, Ismael’s descendants would also worship one God… literally the same God Christians do, but it is in a much different way and there are many conditions.

Well, I just veered off the topic of this post. Even Abraham, the man who would father a great multitude of people – He was blessed with many, many things. He had all kinds of cattle, flocks, herds, gold, silver, maids, servants, and whatever ancient people had back then. I think today, it would sum up to billionaires. Even this “very rich” guy knew that earth was not his true home and he was only a dweller. If I’m not mistaken, he lived 175 years? I can’t remember the exact number but it’s way more than the average lifespan today.

He repeatedly calls himself a sojourner. This earth was not his permanent home. If you look back in Genesis, you’ll see that Abraham kept moving and he did not remain in one spot. When God called him, Abraham went! Can we say the same of ourselves? Would we move when God calls us to move? In Canaan, in a land that was not his own, he bought a burial plot for his wife. I’m unsure if he was traveling during the death of his wife Sarah. I have to look back on that because why else would he need to buy a land from someone else? Anyway, later on shortly before he died, he asked his sons to travel back there to bury him in the same place. Throughout his life, God blessed him over and over. He never stopped being with Abraham. It’s important to note that Abraham repeatedly sought out God and remained in relationship with Him. He walked with God and literally moved with Him. Through all the things he has done, even when he strayed from trusting God… Abraham kept pursuing a relationship with Him. He was relentless and God was also relentless in return!

So this house that I live in, the things I own, the things I pursue – it means nothing if it isn’t to glorify God as it will not be brought into heaven with me. These are merely tools to find a quiet dwelling spot to connect with God (to rest). It’s a place used to raise my household (children) in accordance with God so later they may also venture out in to the places God calls them to be in. It’s a safe place if I choose to let God in here and remain here. The cars we own is a tool to get us from point a to point b. Yes, people go to work and to school… but do you not also meet friends, go to church, find fellowship time with those who also love God?

Looking at the motor home we just purchased for camping. It can be used for only fun to go camping and nothing else. But what about the seldom times I can come across someone who loves the Lord just as I do? What if that person had the same background as me? Can you imagine us realizing that God has planned a time for us to meet? God’s purpose is here, not clearly, but His purpose is real. The question is, will we take that opportunity no matter how small it may seem?

I don’t know how God works, but I know He does. I didn’t get the point of me working at Target for six months, but the outcome was that I met Joy. I also met others, but it was apparent that Joy was somebody I needed to meet. We still talk today and we talk for HOURS about God with no hesitation. It was like, we are family. A different kind of family because I don’t have conversations like this with my relatives. Was that by chance? I don’t believe that. God was showing us that there ARE people that love Jesus in places we don’t think of. Just imagine how it would feel to be in heaven with a THOUSAND Joys? That’s heaven. Dwelling with God and the people who love God. That is definitely a permanent home. What a satisfaction!

So then what is the point of life? It is not the riches and it is not the fame. It isn’t enough. If you think it will make you happy, just look at the famous people who end up addicted with drugs and alcohol. Celebrities who have been divorced many times. There is nothing that fully satisfy us in this life but God. Plainly written: God. Look at Justin Bieber lol. He had fame, went astray, and then realized nothing in his life is good without God. I think Hailey is the perfect companion for him, the way she talks about God is so amazing.

We go through life consistently having to maintain something, fix something, take care of something. We should not drown in worries of such things, but accept that this is the world that we sojourn in. It is not our forever home. We are dwellers and nothing in this earth can offer us anything better than God can. But in the meantime, will we go through life with worries and negativity? Or will we use this short time we have to witness to the people around us? Will we keep finding satisfaction in God alone? Will we always trust that God continues to provide during these times? I know in my life, God continues to provide for me.

If you’re at a job you detest, but there is this one person that needs you to share about Jesus. Isn’t it worth your time? If not even directly or vocally, but just how you lived your life? Maybe through how you handle conflict? That one life saved to live forever with God in heaven. Just like Abraham who moved from place to place, never remaining in one place for too long… we can also look life the way he did. Accept that we are not of this world and realize that the bad things in life is only temporary. Live life to glorify God with all things that you do. If that one person sees your light from God, you’ve lived your entire life with meaning. At least that’s the way I see my life.

I don’t see anything grand about my life. There’s no fame, no career, nothing really I call “my own”. But I see lots of blessings in my husband and my children. They are the grand of my life. The world sees it as normal, but I see it as a miracle. I see lots of opportunities to show God’s light. Even throughout this pandemic and how everything literally sucks lol… how do we, as God’s disciples, carry on to glorify God through the bad times? Will we complain and grumble through it all or will we use it as an opportunity to witness to people with how WE choose to act and speak? Will we think life is not fair and we should do whatever we want however we want based on how we feel? No way. Think of the people we will cause to stumble because we put ourselves in a higher place than God. That person will never want to know Jesus because of what we choose to represent. So with that said, who do we represent?

This is life. It isn’t grand or what we expect it to be because this life isn’t meant to glorify ourselves. It is to glorify the God who created us and to help others find and accept Jesus. Until we dwell in heaven with God, we are sojourners of this land. Live it as a traveler sharing the good news. Love and trust that God knows all. Don’t waste your life accomplishing things that we cannot bring to heaven – use it as a tool instead for His kingdom. Don’t waste your time grumbling about everything that you miss the point of life, that you miss what God has called you to do. The start of a person’s downfall is grumbling, in other words… it is the voice of discontentment and a voice of unbelief. Run to God and remain in His presence. The warm chills you feel, that’s His Spirit running through your body and soul. Hold His words dearly to your heart and remember it, for it is the food your soul craves and the only thing that satisfies.


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