One of Those Days

Dear Friends,

Have you ever just had days when you’re constantly so tired? I have no clue really why I’ve been feeling that way. Tired mind and tired body lol. I am honestly thinking that this might be an obvious sign that I need to start working out again. This is how I feel about working out, though…. Sad. Haha. I feel sad just thinking about it.

It’s so weird how that goes because just six months ago, I was on it six days a week! Right now I’m doing once a week or even two weeks lol. Golly. The battle of the mind I tell you. I think I’m writing about this to you guys so that I am being completely honest with myself. Also, probably I will check tomorrow if I actually worked out today or not.

For the past couple of days, I’ve been working on my youngest daughter’s birthday party. Of course she asks for a theme that has no available decorations ever. I tell you, mom life, when you know you want easy, it’s not. Haha. I think I searched for a good two hours of some Pusheen party decoration ideas. I found some but like I said, my mind is sooooo tired.

Although, once I get started I knew I wouldn’t stop until it gets done. (Probably should apply it to my working out dilemma) I made a banner, applied some Pusheen water bottle labels, finished the garland, designed an invitation, printed out some adorable Pusheen photos, and emailed the bakery. Good news that they could make a super cute Pusheen vegan cake for her!

Her birthday party isn’t until Mid April but since we are going on our Spring break literally earlier that week… I KNOW I need to get all this done before March is over. There is no way I could recuperate from the vacation in two days and do all that. That picture above is exactly my mood lately, it’s so funny that Pusheen was on the water bottle labels. I am super excited though for our trip since our Hawaii trip this past December was cancelled.

Trips can be expensive you know especially around a birthday but I am a firm believer that family vacations are such a big bonding experience that we all need. It requires work especially for us parents but there is that time for us that can’t be taken away. We will always have it and it’s such an amazing experience to experience new places together. Besides, since my son turned ten in January, he has his big boy bike! I love biking during our trips!

Last night, my hubby worked a graveyard shift and I have a hard time sleeping when he’s not with me. I super dislike that because I get so tired the next day. It’s like I had the graveyard shift, too! My eyes feel like fire right now and I have a headache. Haha. Ugh. I realize that this whole post is turning to be a crying post. LOL. Sometimes we just have those days. At least I have a reasonable reason for it. Aunt Flo came to visit yesterday and she’s been a pain in my neck, back, legs, and head. She’s always coming when not invited. She’s such a curse! Ladies, you feel me?

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying reviewing beauty products on my YouTube. I think it has to do with everyone just being home during this covid time that my house is consistently not video material. The only room that stays the same is my craft/filming room LOL. For example, I’ve been trying to film a laundry room video but no matter how many times I try to find the time to get it ready for filming… I have fifty loads of laundry to do. Like today, I have to do three loads and then fold it. This laundry room is so constantly being used that I just don’t know how to get this done.

For the month of April my goal is to consistently work out again and film a laundry room video. I have truly missed sharing about my home and I believe it can help someone out there on how to organize it! Putting that into that purpose, I feel a bit more eager to work on it despite the mess.

Anyway, my plan today is to do all the laundry! Whenever I do laundry, I always watch a show to help me pass the time and enjoy it more. Have you watched Heartland? It’s one of those tv series that is a feel good but it’s also realistic. I haven’t seen an episode where it’s unrealistic drama yet. It’s real life, real struggles, but it never makes you feel like dookie in the end. You know sometimes movies or tv shows are just so gut destroying, heart splitting, and just gives you a bad spirit the more you watch it?

Heartland is none of that and is such a breath of fresh air. I’m on season two out of fourteen! That’s a lot of seasons! I’m glad I got my laundry folding and editing show for quite a while. If you’re looking for a feel good show, watch heartland. I mean, I didn’t want to watch a show about horses and a ranch LOL but it’s turned out to be such a nice entertainment that I love watching.

Alright, friends! If you’re having an off day or days like me… you’re not alone. I’m with you. We can make it through this, you and I! My blog isn’t all up and up, it’s just life both the ups and the downs and I’m here for you. Recognize your struggles, admit it, accept that it happens, forgive it, and then work to move past it! We can’t move past anything unless we admit it and accept it. It can be for anything little like how Aunt Flo makes you feel or it can be a big life thing! Practice your little, and apply it to your big. Lol, does that make sense? Well, I love ya and have a beautiful day. See ya later, bye!


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