The Cabin Life At The KOA Resort In Astoria, OR

Dear Friends,

It has been a whirlwind the past couple of weeks. It felt like time moved so fast and so slowly at the same time if that makes any sense. Last week was our spring break trip and our daughter’s (and Zach’s!) birthday party all in the same week. Not to mention the preparing for the trip and the party… but let’s not talk about that! We had an amazing time at the Astoria KOA over in Oregon. We stayed in the deluxe cabin and oh my gosh, this cabin is perfection. Sure, it can seem costly but once a year… and during our spring break and birthdays? It’s perfect!

Astoria / Warrenton / Seaside KOA Resort
1100 NW Ridge Rd, Hammond, OR 97121
(503) 861-2606

I love how at the cabins there are these wooden swings right outside. It’s so nice to just sit here and bask inn the sun (and the cold, lol). We stayed at a smaller cabin as well before at Cascade KOA and it also had a swing right in the front porch. So cute!

When you first enter, there is this couch that doubles as a bed. Most of the time, we just leave it open so that everyone can just rest here if they need to. We are watching a movie here on our iPad! They do have wifi that works well during the day, but tapers off as it gets to night time for some reason. For that, I suggest downloading some movies or tv shows from your favorite app. I did this for us and the kids for when we are back in for the evening after exploring the Oregon coast!

By the way, I am about to find this brand and buy myself some Livi branded tissue boxes. I was like, “WHAT IN THE WORLD?!” when I saw that on the dining table. Oh yeah, there’s a table in the cabin that seats four. Since there are five of us, of course there’s an odd one out, but I love sitting on the couch bed actually. So comfy!

Ok, so I forgot to take pictures of the kitchen area but I did take lots of videos! Haha, I don’t know why I forgot this area because it’s pretty awesome. You’ll have to watch the video that will be coming soon on my youtube channel but this is an almost full kitchen. To keep it short, it has everything but an oven. Like… they even provided wine glasses.

The perk of staying here at the deluxe cabin, they literally will give you things that you need. I don’t really know what this cabin is supposed to have, but I didn’t have a wine opener and some grilling tools as well as when we ran out of garbage bags. I simply texted them… yes, TEXTED. LOL. (like the service these days due to tech, right?) They were very quick to give us what we needed.

I just want to mention that there is a Walmart and a Fred Myers ten minutes away from the KOA and I really just want to mention that you should buy your favorite coffee there or bring your own coffee, or just bring your own keurig or espresso machine LOL. While they do provide some coffee, well there was literally only two *small* bags… the coffee is, ahem, well, not satisfying at all. It tasted like water coffee and that is not US at allllllllllll. We are the extra bold kind of coffee drinkers. Just saying. Lol, I know when people say “just saying” it’s usually to imply something, but lol JUST SAYIN’.

Enter room number one! Ugh, ok… So I also forgot to take photos of the bedroom with the queen bed which was our room, but this is the kiddos bedroom number one! Clearly, I don’t take enough pictures it seems like. This room has a bunk bed and I love how it’s right next to the bathroom. For day one, our littlest slept here with her older brother, EZ! Keilani slept here on the last night because the other kids wanted to experience sleeping on the loft.

The loft is basically only a sleeping area but you know kids… they will play here, too. It’s fun and like an indoor treehouse. As an adult or big kids over the age of eight, you won’t be able to stand up straight here. Mimi was able to though because you know, shorty! There are two beds on the loft and they provide all the linens.

One thing I should mention is that the beds on the bunk beds and on the loft, they are some type of faux leather beds. You don’t have to worry about bed bugs or anything like that! The mattress on the queen bed and on the couch is of course not that, but they have this covering over it that they replace with every newcomers. There are two sheets, a pillow, and a blanket for every bed! I love that. At first, I thought we would get cold because it seemed thin, but thank goodness the cabin has heater and air conditioner. We were never cold or hot inside, talk about glamping!

Got to take a pic in front of the KOA van!
Nice sunny day for some mini golfing
fitting our foots in the bigfoot’s foot
my kids and i exploring the KOA while hubby rests for a bit after driving hours to get to the KOA! lol

We all had an amazing time during our stay here. As you can see there is a campfire and grill here, too. We definitely put the grill to use! It was pretty amazing how on the days that we were there, the days were so beautiful and sunny. On the morning that we left, wow it was SUPER rainy and rained the whole day and next it seemed like on the weather app. It was such a breath of fresh air, both literally and mindfully. I felt God really played a good hand on timing for us when we reserved the days here. I know that it may seem far fetched to say that, but I love pointing out things that are often overlooked. The great times, the beautiful cabin, the great service, just everything was all so splendid. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I’ll see you on my next post!


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