On Friday, We Wear Blue… Tutus! Go Hawks!

Seahawks love is all over the cities here in Washington, and what used to be a supporting gesture on Friday games, it became a supporting gesture EVERY Friday, game or not. Some people even wear it every Friday all year long. That’s some awesome love there, I wish I had enough jerseys for all the family to do that but with kids, that is just impossible. Maybe I should find random Seahawks shirts that are easily washed, haha! The cutest discovery when visiting Sugar Babies here in Sumner for Jujube bags comes across the most adorable little tutu ever for our younger fans!
First comes bunny, second comes tutu, and I’m sort of afraid to go back there to find more cute things. Seriously, that store scores some high major cute factor with all the things that they choose to sell. The tutu was displayed on a cute toddler mannequin and I just had to get it for her! They had a table full of Seahawks gear for girls under six. Of course when I was glancing around, little Mimi stood in the middle of the store pointing up at the shelves. I have to admit it’s a cute bunny, and it is super soft, definitely the type of stuffed animal that is created with quality. Anyway, Every time I see my little one tag along her lovey everywhere she goes, it makes me think of my childhood bear that I LOVE so much. I still have it, and probably will always keep it! Mimi seems to be so into bunny stuffed animals but this one by far surpasses them all in quality and cuteness!
My little twelfth cutieXo,



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