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We have finally moved to our new home, and oh boy, it was hectic and tiring. I’m still not over the post-moving bug! I knew somewhere down the line I would catch the actual viral bug… and it was inevitable. Kleenex and Gold Kili Ginger Tea have been my best of friends these past few long days!
Even though life gets very busy, and whether I am sick or super healthy… I could not abandon my love for my blog and youtube channel. There is always a yearning, or let’s get real, an ITCH to want to write about something, to take a photo of something, or to capture a moving image! During the moving process, our things could not be randomly all over the place because if someone calls to see the house, it’s about to be the 50th time we cleaned that day. To make the “selling” our home life, I put all my tech items in one bag called the Jujube Be Classy. Before we move on, let’s just look at that print for a minute…. super cute!!! My laptop, camera, batteries, external hard drive, and more that can be viewed here were all stored in this bag for an easy clean up. This way, it also makes it easy to move it from place to place. Yes, we are settled in already but for some odd reason, I’m STILL using this method. I just love having my bedside area to be clean and this helps a ton!
Where was I going with this post again? Hmm… OH. I don’t think I will ever give up my “office”. Even though in the future I would want a mom-office of my own, THIS office is pretty awesome. I don’t know about you, but after the kids have gone off to bed, I always want to blog about the pictures I’ve taken… or edit the clips I’ve recorded that day for my YouTube channel… and I want to do it comfortably. Anyone love working from home? Yes, night time when there is quiet in the air… is when I could focus to do all these techy stuff. Forget the uncomfortable chair that makes my back hurt! By the way, do you guys LOVE my super empty walls? To decorate or to not decorate? That is the question. ​
This bedside table is AWESOME! It could actually be multi purpose as in if I decide to be a hermit from here on, this is the perfect table to live on. Meet my could-be dinner table, everyone. Just kidding… sort of. I was in a search for a table like this and of course I would go on Amazon, where else would we go? Amazon is like the place to find EXACTLY what you need. They always have tons of different styles or colors to choose from. Anyway, this was the chosen one. You can find more details of its dimension here: Overbed Table. It matches my obviously IKEA nightstand and bed frame to the “T”. If you’re familiar with IKEA colors of Black/Brown… well this is it. One feature that is missing from this presentation of this table is that it actually comes with wheels. Well, why isn’t it there? Give me a sec to explain.
Not only is it lightweight, it’s also adjustable to suit your torso height. If you’re like me and if you have those short bed frames like I do, you’re going to have to use a big pillow under your bottom to be able to have this parallel to your arm because it may be too high for shorties like me and possibly like you. That is the exact reason why the wheels were taken off to accommodate our bed. If you have a super awesome royal bed, this would be no problem! I love this table regardless because I’m still super comfortable in my pajamas underneath my blanket just editing my videos away. Can we get a YAS please?
Since we are talking extremely comfortable here, I am not about to go downstairs to refill my water or hot tea with those minimal ounces mug or cup. This would be comfortable-mom tip number two! My husband bought me a super awesome thermos water bottle called the Hydro Flask that is wide mouth so that you could put ice in it or pour super hot water without spilling. I’m not able to do this in my swell bottle because the opening is narrow. I still love it for water and LOVE it to tag along water bottles in my jujube bags since it is narrow it can fit in any bottle pockets. Anyway, In my case, since I’ve been sneezing and coughing my life off, my ginger tea has found a new home that will keep it warm for a way longer period of time than if I would use a regular mug! Especially if you’re feeling under the weather, you do not want to go downstairs in the cold… Brr! These are my ways of staying comfortable while working from home… how do YOU stay comfortable? Share the tips, mamas!Xo,


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