The Adventure Begins Now


With creativity flowing… it’s always an adventure embedded in children’s mind. Art, music, even math! Eureka math anyone? At first I didn’t agree with the change of how math is taught… over the course of these two weeks I can clearly see why they have chosen to teach math this way. We are pretty much learning together and I am actually very interested in how this progresses. In a very mathematical kind of imagination, I see genius kids in the making. Forget memorization, it’s time to create a pathway to the answer! Besides all that, there are set guidelines on what they learn in school, they each have their own personalities and skills that they hold to their own. A fun creative learning style they have is “free” seating. On the floor, in the corner, with new classmates… I have to admit when I’m comfortable, I work better!

Comfortable in mind and comfortable in clothing, I adore clothing that have a beautiful message. It’s true that doing what you love gives you joy and a feeling of delightful content. I, for one, can agree… Blogging is my way of expressing my inner thoughts and sharing my view point in life with others around me. It’s not only writing that gives me profound motivation to be fruitful in what gives me joy, but images and words together make a story. Even a film without words, but movement could tell a powerful story. Creative minds in a beautiful world, I sure do hope my children will find their love!

Speaking of a creative world… This autumn season have started their own painting in the sky and ground. Some days it’s warm with the sun’s rays shining but chilly enough that skirts and short sleeves won’t keep warm. Skirt or leggings, Keilani asks and I respond with a great big light bulb in mind! Why not both? I just love how this beautiful pink skirt pairs well with a monochrome feel type of cotton leggings. It’s fun, yet simple! You don’t have to be cold to be a ballerina ? Be a ballerina in your world and dance with grace, do what you love!Xo,

Outfit worn by Keilani is from H&M. Products purchased by me, not sponsored.



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