Le Sel Bistro in Tacoma, Washington

Dear Friends,

You know what I enjoy more about food? Well… it’s eating food with friends! Haha, it’s the best. This past Saturday, we went to Le Sel Bistro in Tacoma, Washington. My friend Lynn suggested this place and I’m so glad we went.

First and foremost, this restaurant is a very small and intimate place. It’s like your house, but not your house. It’s by reservation only due to its limited seating indoors and outdoors. We picked the dining room area due to the Tacomaroma LOL. YEAH, no thanks.

Le Sel Bistro

229 St Helens Ave,
Tacoma, WA 98402

the bar

We sat right next to the bar and got to see a little action on our drinks being made. Before I talk about the cocktails, I want to talk about the name. Since I’ve been learning French, I knew that Le Sel means the salt. I can’t remember if the “the” is silent (lol) or not. But basically it’s salt bistro! Salty bistro? Bistro salt? Anyway, sooooo cool lol.

our table

This is how the table was set up. Three glasses and a bottle full of water! The menu was very simple which I liked. Oh by the way, you see those chairs? Yeah, comfy butts!

faded & fancy

So I’ve never had a cosmo before. Lol, it’s fine. But really. I have nothing to compare it to, but let me just tell you that I looooove cosmos. The bartender said that this specific cosmo would ruin cosmos for me. I wouldn’t know but wow, this blood orange cosmo is freaking bomb. I love these glasses though, so fancy.

I took this photo for the most important of all: to see the actual ingredients. Only five ingredients and the alcohol can’t even be tasted. I mean, how dangerous is that?! It could be another lemon drop nightmare for me. That’s another story which I will never tell the tale on.

Each of us had two cosmos. TWO. And it caused us not to know how to work the soap dispenser. ugh, so faded.

the appetizer

As we were drinking the cosmos, we didn’t have food in our tummies until this came along. This is in the Breakfast Curiosities category and it is called the ‘Pastry Wrapped Triple Cream Brie’ which consists of Triple Cream Brie. Puff Pastry. Granny Smith Apples. Toasted Baguette. Jam. Balsamic. Hazelnuts.

The jalapeño spread was so good. It wasn’t spicy spicy but it had such a perfect kick! To be honest, I could do cosmos and Brie all day.

the food

Since this is basically my first time, of course, ordering an actual meal is a must. I ordered the ‘Nova Benedict’ which is a salmon Benedict. I love Benedicts. I LOVE salmon, but I think I didn’t truly enjoy this meal because the salmon they used is the cold smoked salmon.

It was such an odd feeling to eat this hot and cold food. I have come to realize, I really hate cold smoked salmon. This looks super delicious, yes, and if you don’t mind this type of salmon, I’m sure you would love it!

Lynn ordered the Avocado & Nova Salmon Toast. It’s basically the same thing that I ordered but on a wheat toast instead. I think she really liked it because there was no leftovers, haha.

Natalie ordered the Mushroom Medley and hers looks so good. I love a toast and soupie thing. She also ordered a side of grits. That’s the first time I ever tried it and oh my my, it was delicious. I want to try that one next time!

What a beautiful day! A nice sunny day during a supposed cold autumn fall season. God blessed us with a little sunshine. We don’t go out too often because life can get busy, but I love how we still make time with each other. How precious!

There it is, friends. We’ve come to the end for today’s post. If you live close to Tacoma, Washington – Le Sel Bistro is a must to visit. Great for a brunch day with the girls or a date night with your love! Thanks for stopping by and see you on my next post.


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  1. Natty Nat
    October 2, 2021 / 11:28 AM

    We all know how soap dispensers and bathroom logistics can be confusing, especially when one is faded…and fancy ;).

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