Do You See A Piece of Heaven?

Joshua 1:9

Days go by, the clock ticks, and the sun rises then sets… Life can seem so trivial. We wake up and lay down at night at the same time with a consider of our own routine. Without intrigue or passion, with each breath we take, we die a little more with each second that passes. From our own outlook with our own sets of eyes… well, what a bore life is.

Did you agree with me a little there? Lol. I don’t feel that way at all with life, but it is interesting that as one person narrates with detail, it can definitely set a mood for a person who is reading. Did it affect you?

Lately, I’ve been extremely tired. I don’t mean to sound so dramatic, but the ankles of my feet clicks and the weight as my foot lands on the floor with each step seems to worsen it. By golly, sometimes I can feel old. After almost three months of actually exclusively walking four to five miles a day that I’m at work… I’ve come to realize that it isn’t an ideal type of work that can be long term for me. Lol. I laugh, only because I know the pain it gave me, but I also see the tremendous reward that it has brought in that little time.

I’ve met literally probably almost everyone at my place of work. Wherever that footstep brought me as I was doing my job, it brought me to meet a new person that I wouldn’t have otherwise. In each department, there they were, a coworker. Different faces, ages, backgrounds, and personalities with their own uniqueness.

A few conversations throughout time can tell a lot about a person. Granted, no, I don’t know them very well at all. Although, there is a certain persona that I’ve come to learn. Each quirks, how they respond, and the way they speak. Those things immediately can speak volumes about a person.

I’ve come to know people who are eager to help, those who gets rather annoyed if anyone ever asks them for help, those who love to laugh, those who judge you by a twinkle in their eye, those who enjoy conversations, those who tolerate you, and those who only gives the slightest smile as you say hello to them. Those who seemed quiet at first, but then gives so much color the more they feel comfortable opening up. It’s interesting when you’re surrounded by many. But get this one truth, all these people… wow, they’re so loved by God.

I can form my own opinions and let that decision factor in how I treat them… this is the world’s way. Oh, Sirs and madams, but God’s way is better. I think I finally truthfully understand what it means to love people. My opinion doesn’t matter because God’s love for His people is so overpowering that you can only see the beauty in them. Like, I can see a piece of Heaven that God has created them with.

I was wondering what it is that I have remained so unaffected. It is a beautiful, peaceful feeling. It is like time doesn’t actually move and I am constantly kept in God’s quiet bubble. “Be Still”, He says.

Have you ever read those things in a certain home decor? I have one in my living room, I don’t remember what it all says… but with every bad thing that happens around you or to you, “Do it anyway” like, be kind anyway, forgive them away, say hello to them anyway even if they don’t. Do it a hundred times until they finally say hello back. People have walls, for whatever reason it is their own to know, but you… you love them anyway.

You remain unaffected. Refuse to be offended by trivial things. It is okay to be frustrated for a moment, but then let it go. You love for God’s glory and purpose and you remain in Him, unaffected by outside things or people. You remain available and open with invitation should they ever open up to you. Isn’t it a lovely way to love people?

I wonder sometimes, what our future will bring. I know my family and I love road trips, we love camping, we love experiencing different places. It is in the works and it is part of our life’s plan. But imagine this, imagine the people we will come across… each with their own story. People of different faces, ages, backgrounds, and personalities. Each of them loved by God.

I can’t wait.


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