BB.Q Korean Fried Chicken Nom Nom

Why is fried chicken so good? It’s my weakness! Then, to put all the yummy sauces on it? Ahhhh, I am in fried chicken paradise. My sister Christine took me to this restaurant in Lakewood, WA. We usually go to H-Mart together and this restaurant was right next to it. As I’m writing this post, I’m literally hungry for this all over again!

bb.q chicken

8722 S Tacoma Way
Lakewood, WA 98499
United States

The name of the restaurant is literally just bb.q chicken. They have lots of fried chicken to choose from their menu. I didn’t know really what to pick but Christine said the golden chicken is amazing!

the chicken

So of course, the golden chicken is ordered. Oh my, oh my… it is soooooo scrumptiously filled with deliciousness and crispiness. We also wanted to try another flavor! I mean, can you go into a fried chicken restaurant and only order one kind?

gang jeong

Okay, so this one is medium spicy which is PERFECT! Not too mild and not too hot where you sweat, gasp for air and drink two glasses of water after every bite. This one is called Gang Jeong which is described as “A soy derived sauce with hints of cinnamon garnished with chilis to give a light spicy bite.”

golden original

The Golden Original is described as “Deliciously juicy inside and perfectly crunchy outside.” Ugh. I don’t know what else to say, but every bite is SO good.

kimchi fried rice

Oh, one more thing, one more thing! This kimchi fried rice is so good as well. It has the perfect amount of spice in it. We shared this since we ordered two baskets of chicken! Oh, I forgot the fried rice has chicken in it also. It was definitely a chicken day!

next to try

I took this photo above only for the one reason that this is the dish that we will be trying next. Since it’s starting to get cold, it’s soup time! But I definitely will be ordering that golden original chicken to bring home!

The sis that takes me everywhere to eat lol. All the good eats!!! In the poster above, I am very intrigued about the secret sauce recipe. Like what is the secret sauce? Haha, sweet and tangy is what’s described but it’s basically the golden original with sauce. It must be their top rated since it’s framed LOL.

Before I go, I have to let you know and be honest with you. I am a spice lover. I looooooove spicy food. I cannot eat food without using hot sauce or sprinkling some chili on it. I mean I can, but it’s very UNsatisfying.

So, since the two chicken we ordered was not spicy and the other medium spicy… I wanted to know how spicy their WINGS OF FIRE are. I ordered that and the honey garlic for home along with the kimchi fried rice for my fam to try.

Wow, the honey garlic is SO good since I love garlic a lot. I was super excited to pair this with the wings of fire. Maaaan LOL, no. The wings of fire was way too spicy. I felt like Khaleesi’s dragons attacked my face and everything in it with their fire breath. It was so not enjoyable. I couldn’t balance the spice with anything! *cry* Yeah, I’m not ordering that again. I couldn’t taste anything else but the spice. Haha! Even my husband didn’t enjoy that one and he didn’t eat anymore of it the next day.

Alright, friends! I need to stop blogging now because I need to stop talking about fried chicken. It’s my weakness, remember?! I’ve already eaten my calories for the day so I need to GO. Thank you so much for visiting and I’ll see you on my next post!


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