Bathroom Organization Ideas For Smaller Bathrooms

Looking for simple ideas to make your smaller bathrooms more efficient? Do you have a tandem bathroom that made it impossible to put any wall storage solutions? Here are some ideas to utilize ALL the space in your bathroom. *This post contains my personal affiliate links, thank you so much for your support!

bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms

Small spaces doesn’t mean that you can’t have all the necessities and more! It can always be utilized to make all the limited spaces you have…. well, effective. I remember when we first moved in to our new house, I already knew I had to figure out some way to make this tandem bathroom work for my husband, me, and our youngest daughter. A year and a half later…. I think I got it!

If you shower with your little kids, then you know that it can be so annoying most of the time when you GET OUT of the shower. It’s like even worse if you forgot to get extra towels or the one that’s on the towel holder is wet. Sure, most of the time we’re prepared but let’s be real… there are those times where we parents just aren’t.

This bathroom’s layout is really weird since it’s tandem so there’s less wall space to put any organization. Beside this bench is the door that leads to our room. Initially I wanted shelves in that corner but no can do! When I saw this bathroom bench for towels, I knew that this is the answer to my towel dilemma. You would not believe how many times my husband screams out from the shower asking for help since he forgot to get a towel, HAHA. Not anymore!

bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms

On top of the bench, I put this basket filled with face towels. You can use any baskets like this, but I found this one at umm, well I forgot, but I’m sure you can find cute ones at Hobby Lobby, Target, or Michael’s! I love having this here because sometimes I like to wash my makeup off in the shower and it’s nice to know that I have a face towel ready just in case I forget to get one.


Having a shower caddy is unbelievably important. It is the answer to having everything tidy, neat, and CLEAN. No more soap scum underneath those shampoo bottles that can end up looking very unpleasant. Most of all, no more crazy amount of products all around your bathtub. It would drive me NUTS! I found this one at costco, but the one I linked IS MUCH CUTER!

This shower caddy is probably the best one we’ve owned so far because it is very roomy, it has hooks, two plastic storage things that we use for our toothbrushes, and it has a soap holder. It also has a mirror, too but I don’t seem to use it much.

Also, can you tell what kind of hair I have just by looking at this photo? Purple shampoo, purple conditioner, bond maintenance shampoo and conditioner… haha, yes I have bleached hair! This caddy looks like it’s mostly for me right now, I have so much products I’ve got to use in rotation hahaha.

This bath soap dispenser is also such a great product to have. But you’re like, “You already have a shower caddy, why do you need this dispenser?” Well remember when I said this shower is shared with three different people and I can imagine what it will be like when our little Mimi is a teenager. Yikes!

bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms

The dispenser is holding the basic shampoo and conditioner that everyone uses. It’s not volumizing, not for colored hair, and it’s not nourishing either where it’s like super thick. It’s your basic stuff! There is also an exfoliating shower gel since i’m the combination and oily type. Lastly on the far right, a moisturizing body wash for my eczema prone family!

bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms

I use konjac sponges for me and my little girl. They are a gentle exfoliator especially for the face and for sensitive skin like Mileina. I use to hang this on my shower knob or handle because I didn’t have a place to put it and I love that this caddy has hooks. Yay me!


bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms

I honestly don’t know how we stayed sane using this bathroom before all these. An over the toilet cabinet is a MUST. I remember always getting out and in and out and in and out of the bathroom to go to my linen closet to get stuff that would run out or can’t fit in the bathroom due to lack of storage. Ugh, can you imagine what my linen closet looked like? Definitely was not only a linen closet. It was a shove everything in there closet.

bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms

Having this shelf here is beyond amazing and it looks pretty, too, right? Inside the cabinet, I store basically everything that we would need in the bathroom. Cotton pads, deodorants, q-tips, lady pads haha, and extra bar soaps, and body wash! We shop at Costco, so we buy in bulk! We found this bathroom shelf unit at IKEA , but I found these ones at amazon that you can check out.


bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms

The sink is on the other side of the toilet, and I forgot to take a picture of my whole bathroom but the sink is kind of a unique style so it is like… bulky, short in length, and small at the same time. I would rather have the sink counter skinny but LONG so I can have some counter space for all our stuff.

bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms

I used a wooden rectangular basket for our hand soap towels. It created a nice simple layout without having everything just there and all over the place. The soap that you see behind the liquid hand soap is my makeup brush soap. It is amazing and has tea tree oil to disinfect my brushes. I placed it unto a marble soap dish that I found at Target!

bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms

This next organization is amazing to accommodate a small countertop. I found this three tiered tray from my local Hobby Lobby. I’m sure you can find it on amazon, too because they always have different ones that best suits your bathroom. Since my sink doesn’t go all the way to the end of the wall, I had to use a small fold up table to hold this tray, but I am so glad how much more organization this little thing created!

It’s perfect to store everyone’s items all in one space. There’s perfume, lotion, toner, face wash, moisturizer, ear piercing cleaner, body mist, sunscreen, and more! I hope you enjoyed this post to solve the never ending mess that a small bathroom can create. Let me know in the comments below if you tried these tips and tricks to make your bathroom much more efficient. Thank you so much for stopping by and see you on my next post!

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bathroom organization ideas for small bathrooms

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