Chore Chart: How To Teach Kids The Value of Hard Work

I have three kids and they’re getting older everyday! It was time for them to learn the value of hard work and money. One day, my son and daughter was asking if they could have the battle bundle for Fortnite and it felt a little weird to just buy it for them for no reason, haha. I had already ordered the chore charts for my kids and it was on the way, but my husband brought up how they need to work for their allowance.

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I was like, that’s perfect! I was a little confused as to what rewards they should get for completing the week since they’re much older but the money reward makes so much sense.

I love that these chore charts are magnetic so it can be on the refrigerator right in front of everyone’s view! These have daily and weekly chores that they could complete each day and week. We decided to reward them five dollars each week and then paid biweekly of ten dollars. This is exactly like real life, we do not work and receive our paycheck right away so this is a great teaching tool for the kids to be patient!

Our weird fridge has one door that is not magnetic which would have been SO perfect for everyone’s chore chart. Good thing the side is magnetic, though. These two are for my two youngest kids. Don’t you just love the little area at the top for their names? So good for mamas and dadas with multiple kids!

The chores charts are created by JennaKate and she also has liquid chalk marker available. I love that there are so many colors to choose from, but in all honesty you probably just need a few. I also got the marker holder from Amazon and it fits all my markers perfectly. I like to change up the colors of the X’s weekly just to make it more fun for them!


  1. Pick out your magnetic chore charts!
  2. Pick out their age appropriate chores. My youngest is 6 and she can wipe the table and chairs, play with our pet, and clean her own room. My 8 year old can sweep the floor and feed our pet and my oldest can wash dishes as well as do her own laundry. My youngest two kids can also bring over their hamper to the laundry room and put their own clothes (folded by me) back in their closets.
  3. Write down the reward on the chore chart!
  4. You may need to keep reminding them, but also let them know if they do their chores without being told, they get a bonus at t the end of the month! (My kids still hasn’t gotten bonuses!)
  5. You can be the one to write the X’s or you can have your kids do it, too. They love to check off the work they’ve done!
  6. Give their reward every two weeks to teach them about work life so when they’re older, they understand that paychecks come biweekly!
  7. Last but not least, advise them to choose to save their money at times rather than spending it all every time.

What do you think of these chore charts? I hope you’ll try them out when it’s time for your kids to have a chore chart! It’s been nice to keep track of their responsibilities and makes it easier for them to take a look at what they need to do. As a parent, it’s been NICE to share the responsibility of washing dishes with my oldest, hehe. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and see you on the next one!

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