Giving Zombie Mom A Little Life – Viseart Cashmere + Dose of Colors Truffle

We as mamas can be too busy to do eye makeup sometimes because that blending takes time! Let alone those makeup palettes that have way too many colors that could be confusing in those sleepy morning times. That’s why sometimes I save those extreme eye makeup for date nights out with the hubby…. BUT there is a simple eye makeup palette by Viseart called the theory palette. This specific one is called ‘Cashmere’ in their collection. It’s neutral and so soft that it’s super easy to blend. Forget blending for more than five minutes!
The simplicity of the makeup palette makes it so easy to use. It ranges from light to darkest, and separates the shimmer from mattes! Since the shades are neutral, it wasn’t difficult to keep the look very natural. As a mom, I like my makeup to look fresh, neutral, and light! This palette is amazing for that… keep in mind, you can use ANY palette for this look since it’s pretty basic but this one palette in particular is very easy to work with. Use any shade of light to medium brown for your crease, then a darker one for the outer corner and lower lashline. I skipped the eyeliner because who has time for that in the morning? Haha! Eyeshadow takes the most time in general, so we are just going to have to do without eyeliner! Top of your eye with a little edge with using your favorite mascara, I used 100% Pure brand Black Tea. They are an awesome green company that uses mostly organic ingredients and can be purchased here.
I don’t know about you, but my lips always like it has been kissed by death in the morning. I always have to put some type of color to look alive! I have two favorites which is a gloss and a liquid lipstick. This one I used is by Dose of Colors and the shade is called truffle which is a neutral toned nude shade. Not too pink, not too warm. This shade is a winner probably because it can meet everyone’s skin tone very well. Neutral zone! In my opinion, a lipstick or a gloss can really complete any look whether you have eyeshadow or not. I believe it really gives the zombie mom plenty of life! That’s me… zombie mom hidden away in a pretty lip color. What is YOUR favorite look that you love to rock everyday? Or actually every other day? Let’s get real. Share with me in the comments below and until next time!


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