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We are born with a caring heart, with an innocence that is so natural that it breathes love every chance we get. Ever wonder of the instant love between a parent and a newborn baby? Or how it warms your heart when you see an older sibling nurturing their younger sister when she’s hurt? Or how we know nothing about a child, a perfect stranger right in front of our eyes, and feel the yearn to love and support them?

In a perfect world, we would dream of helping every child that is in need with a snap of our fingers but when the truth of the reality is… while we cannot help everyone in the way we may wish, we can help in a different way. A small, yet grand way. A kind gesture that seemingly turns into a hug that speaks thousands of a million kinds of love. This is Love Your Melon.

This post is in collaboration with Love Your Melon to share their mission to put a hat on every child battling cancer and support the fight against pediatric cancer. I received products in exchange for sharing about their products and mission in this post.

love your melon america hatHave you ever thought where the product that is in your possession come from? or what it stands to support? I’ve often wondered as I open a package in the mail that starts from simply liking the appearance of an item to the people behind the scenes who makes them?

It’s amazing in a way, that one simple object, has been touched by physically or emotionally by someone else in this world. Love Your Melon is a brand that creates beanies, hats, and accessories for everyone with a mission in mind.


love your melon kids beanie
Isn’t the smile of a child just perfect? I often think of how blessed we are to have healthy kids, but I also think of those who have to fight everyday for their health and how I simply am out of hands to help them.

Love Your Melon gives me a chance to help when I thought I couldn’t. Every purchase made, they give fifty percent of its profits to their partners to help fight against pediatric cancer. Not only that, but they give hats, too!


love your melon kids beanie
It is a silent support in a way, but this silence speaks such loud volumes that it breaks the unthinkable. It breaks the boundaries that we think we were in. In this day and age, there are so many ways to help our friends in this world.

As I look at my child happily playing on the sandy beach… that this very moment, and those moments leading up to this exact place, we somehow helped another child in this world. As I look at my child wearing this beanie, that there is another child in this world wearing one, too because of the cause we choose to support.




love your melon kids beanie
Love Your Melon not only has so many beanies to choose from, but they also have hats, blankets, beach towels, shirts, headbands, and more. The cap I am wearing is Cool River American Flag Needlepoint Cap that has an adjustable strap in the back to fit any size. My daughter is wearing a children’s White Speckled beanie that can fit children up to eight years old in my opinion as my seven year old son can also fit this size!


love your melon

Whatever you choose in any color and in any size or style… know the impact you’re making! Teach your children that we can help, too. Visit see all the different items that they have in their shop and read more about their mission! I hope you enjoyed learning about Love Your Melon. Thank you for stopping by and until next time!


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