Squish & Stretch With JigglyDoos Toys!

JigglyDoos Jakks Pacific at walmartHappy Friday! You know what it’s time for? Another round of Friday Finds! Accomplishment reward, stocking stuffers, travel toys, or a surprise gift from you to kiddo… JigglyDoos are fun squishable toys that they will love! It’s also very affordable and it comes in a two pack.

There are so many options to choose from and my little Mimi loved looking through all the collection to find her favorite animal. I love toys like these because it’s not too small and it isn’t too big either especially for traveling. I usually have the kids pack small toys whenever we go on road trips, and these definitely make the cut!


JigglyDoos Jakks Pacific at walmart
These are available at select Wal-Mart stores and you can find it in the same aisle where the Shopkins and blind bags/boxes are. In our local store, we found it against the edge of the aisle like this! It was so easy to spot and my girl just came running to pick out her favorites. I’m not at ALL surprised that she ended up picking the ones that had bunny rabbits in it.


JigglyDoos Jakks Pacific at walmart

JigglyDoos Jakks Pacific at walmartA close up of the bunny rabbit Jigglydoos that resembles her favorite stuffed animal named Kiki. These retail for $3.94 in stores only!

These are very stretchy, my friends! I was a bit afraid if she would tear off one of the bunny ears but these are such good quality for the price. My daughter, Mimi, loves loves and loves the cutest things in the world and I invite to watch this quick video of the JIgglyDoos in action and how much it made her giggle. When I think about it in my point of view, these are like stress balls, HAHA. I played these with her and I’m like ooooh, I need one of these for me! It’s so fun to squish them. If you are looking for an affordable little gift or reward for your children but don’t want to spend a ton… these are such a great choice!



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