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diono radianHappy Wednesday! Today I’ve got some sneak peaks for you coming to Diono for this week’s What’s New Wednesday! This month was an eventful month for us. There were a lot of accomplishments and firsts in our little family. The kids finished school with so much delight and academically, they did really amazing. Our littlest one also finished preschool!

Sometimes I think Summer should be all relaxing without any schedule, but I have come to realize how much my kids love learning and experiencing new things. We have started swimming lessons the day after school ended and it went SO great for their first lesson. It was also the first time that my kids was in a photo shoot that didn’t involve mommy holding the camera! We had a wonderful opportunity to join Diono in a photo shoot to share some of their new products coming soon.

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quantum 2 strollerThere will be new colors  for their car seats. Each one of them are so gorgeous and so fun for the summer,  I cannot wait to share more about them! When we were there, they also had this stroller out for us to play around with.  The color of this stroller is so gorgeous! I wanted Mimi to climb into it, but she ended up putting her bunny in there. I guess Kiki will have to test it out for us.

The canopy on this stroller goes ALL THE WAY down! If it starts to rain like crazy or the sunshine gets super bright and your little wants to take a nap… your kid will feel so snugly in this. Seeing strollers like this makes me want to go back in time to when my kids were babies. These baby gears nowadays are just beyond amazing!


diono babyBy the way, look at this little baby doll! As soon as Mimi saw it, she wanted to hold him. What a little mama! The baby doll has a weighted head like a real baby, so she had to learn to hold the baby’s head.


diono rainier allana Meet Allana, the safety advocate of Diono! One of my favorite moments when working with a brand is that my family and I get a chance to meet the people behind the products. It was really nice to learn more of the car seats and how to properly place the harness on the children. Allana is the sweetest and has a charm with the kids that they just feel so comfortable around her. In this photo, Allana and Mimi was getting ready for a video sharing about rear-facing!


diono rainier car seat reddiono rainier convertible car seatThese ones are one of their convertible carseats. I believe this one is called the Rainier and I am in LOVE with the red. It’s so vivid and bright! When we were there, I found myself really paying attention to how well made these are. These have a steel alloy frame and I can just imagine how much protection these would give the children.

These can be used forward facing like shown on Ezekiel and also, rear facing. See what I mean by the major silliness? She did this probably like half of the time the photographer was taking pictures of her.


diono radian booster I love seeing the behind the scenes of the photos because it reminds me of my blog life! Finding the perfect lighting and the perfect spot and of course, the retakes! My kids did great, though because let’s be honest… As a motherhood lifestyle blogger, Mama always takes photos of them for everything so I’m really glad to see them be silly and have fun with it.


diono radian boosterThese pink and blue ones are a booster style carseat. You know, after seeing Diono’s booster seats with the back attached… It’s made me realize how much safer they are in seats like this. Even my nine year old Keilani told me that she felt very comfortable in these types of booster seats and how much more snug she felt in it. Not only that, but look at the colors that they’re coming out with. There are way more colors and styles that will be releasing soon, so stay tuned for the official colors and names!


diono kidsWe also were very blessed to meet two other families for this photoshoot. Can you believe that all three of us mamas… has three kids each? Haha, what a coincidence! Meet Jonelli on the far right and she has three girls: twins and a toddler. Chelsie, the one in the middle, has three boys!

Look at the little cutie she’s holding.. ahh I’m having baby fever.  I loved meeting other local mamas and it was a joy to meet their children. By the way, we were trying to do this red carpet pose that Allana taught us, haha!


Speaking of all white tops, like how does this even happen? Literally they are matching right now. Unplanned, you guys! It was such a fun photoshoot and I’m so glad that my kids did such a great job. Proud mama over here. *tear* By the way, I also never knew about this place. This park is called the Wildwood Park over in Puyallup and oh my geez, you guys… I love this place!

It’s shaded all over, has a nice playground, and a stream alongside it! My kids love to throw rocks into water and this is literally the perfect area that has both worlds in one place. Keep on the lookout for more info and pictures of the playground next week on Travel Tuesday! If you live in the area or plan to visit here, this park is not one to miss. Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoyed some Diono behind the scenes and until next time! If you’d like to learn more about Diono and see all products available now – visit their website here.




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