Christmas Cuties

Hello Friends,

How have you been lately? It’s been a very busy couple of months for us here. We only had a couple of days before Christmas since we got back from San Diego. It just felt like everything was so busy and always on the go. I finished all the Christmas wrapping before we left since I knew I would have no time after bringing the RV home. Did I mention that it SNOWED on Christmas Day? It was a snowstorm pretty much. It was soooooo cold! Ezekiel was the first to notice the snow like always.

I can’t believe how big the kids are. They’re still little kids, but my oh my, they are not babies anymore! I always love to take Christmas photos of the kids, but this time Miffy needed to be in it! It is so hard to pick her up because she’s so fast. As soon as she’s held the way she likes, she just sits there haha. By the way, she’s wearing Sandy The Elf’s hat in this picture! If you missed it, Sandy was in the Christmas stocking in the first picture.

I always want to gift Miffy a Christmas present, but she just ends up getting oats and carrots. Lol! Next Christmas, I want to get her this super cute two story Bunny House I found from Etsy. It’s the cutest ever. I sure hope that they’ll still have this by Christmas 2022.

Every year, I pick out four or five Christmas wrapping paper. This year, I picked up four and I was hoping that would be plenty for our three kids. I found these ones at TJ Maxx and I’m totally loving the color theme. Brown and red! I finished all four wrapping paper by the way. That’s so much wrapping, and that’s not counting other relatives and friends.

Since Keilani is getting older and has moved into her teenager phase, she asked for a lot of clothing pieces. See that pile in the back and on the sides? Haha. I was surprised to see POP-ITS in her list, though. As a matter of fact, I think a lot of kids really like those pop-its. I guess these are the new fidget toys. One thing I thought that was pretty cool was the Luna Phone Case on the bottom right of the photo. I bought it thinking it was so cute, but I didn’t know that thing that’s on it worked as a phone stand. Like what?! It also comes with a lanyard and keychain. Super cool!

Each of the kids asked for stickers, too. Keilani chose Sailor Moon stickers and I love how it comes with so many! She did point out that it was so weird how there was only ONE sailor mars sticker. How sad!

These are Ezekiel’s presents! He wanted Nike shoes, clothes, video game, books, and an RC car that can go on walls. Some are not pictured apparently, haha. The Naruto Pillow is cool and SO comfortable. That could be a fun pillow for the RV!

He wanted Naruto Stickers for Christmas and I just love how Amazon has everything. You can find almost everything there!

Okay, to the last noob of the family. Mimi wanted literally all the stuffed animals in the world. 90% of her list were different stuffed animals. I’m surprised it had CLOTHES on the list. Those books were given to her as my choice, LOL. Yes, you need books, little one. It’s pretty easy to give gifts to Mimi. Just buy her all the bunny clothes and any stuffed animals. That one that she is holding is a Bunny Hand Puppet! I think the cutest Bunny Outfit was this one, too. It just reminds me of Miffy!

Also, is this a surprise? -_- Bunny Stickers. Gosh, they are ALL so cute, though. She was showing me one by one starting with her most loved ones.

Look at my cute presents from Ez and Mimi. Homemade bunnies from Mimi and chocolates from Ezekiel! By the way, I got early Christmas presents from Zach. Guess what it is? Jewelry from CINCO! I actually shared it on my youtube channel! I love their jewelry because they’re 24k (plated) and cost WAY LESS than Pandora. Not to mention, their designs are just so pretty.

Miffy is so cute, I love her!

Look at that snow! It kept on snowing for a week after that. I have decided I am so over snow. It’s pretty for a couple of days and it becomes so ugly after that. Hahahaha. Now at the present time as I’m writing this post, there is no more snow which is very good. So happy, but it is still so darn cold. Anyway, that is all for today! I hope your Christmas + New Year was great. I also hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and happy. Remember and keep in your mind and heart that life is beautiful no matter what. There is joy in each day. There is visible love in each given day. A day such as Christmas, sometimes the meaning of Christmas can be forgotten. It can be hidden with the “busy”. I admit that sometimes it’s like that for me.

I get so stressed with things that I have to do. Whenever I catch myself stressed due to Christmas, I stop and take a step back. Reminders and a conversation with God is all a person needs. The reason is only Jesus. Just thinking of Him and His life on this earth, it’s all I need to bring myself back up again. I remember the intentions that my heart should have. I don’t do it for this or for that, but only for love. Christmas day is a great day, but it is also such a hard day for me. It’s a day where I also realize that it’s not a day I can share with my own parents and brother. Sure, I say Merry Christmas to them, but they do not accept Jesus. I always dream of that one day when I can openly have a conversation with them. A conversation where I can freely share how much I love Jesus and what He has done. A conversation where it is not met with offense and judgement. A conversation within family members that can understand the amount of love that He has for us. This is why I always talk about Joy. It’s something that I need in my heart, something real and constant that can keep me from focusing on the sadness.

Sometimes from one look in my blog, people may think, “You look like you have it easy. It’s easy to think life is beautiful.” But there is a story in each life, mine included. There is a history and there is a journey. If you’d like to know more of how I became to know Jesus Christ, please visit my journal tab! This is my most personal and vulnerable page of my blog. They’re not all pretty, but it’s real and honest. Anyway, I’ve reached the end of my typing today, haha. It’s time for a hot green tea and an episode of The Originals! (Can you believe I finished all eight seasons of TVD?) I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you on the next one.


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