When You Feel Like A Failure

Dear Friends,

Happy Sunday! It’s been one of those days that no matter what it feels like my hands are so cold. I started thinking if I should start wearing gloves, haha. My husband commented one time, “How are your hands cold? You’re under the blanket!” Lol! I think maybe just heat just travels away quickly from my hands first or something. I remember my mom saying to me before that it’s the feet, though!

Anyway, I’ve been so glued to my tea cup lately drinking ginger tea. Whenever I get sniffles and coughs, ginger tea is the first thing I drink. I have three different versions here at home. The Prince of Peace brand, this random one I found from the Asian store, and this straight up ginger root tea bags that I’m trying out from Amazon. In the order I’ve listed, it is the most sweetest to the not even sweet at all. I do love how I can put my own honey or choice of sugar in the tea bag version. Sometimes when I don’t feel like tinkering it around, I go for the crystallized version. All are good and all keep me so warm and comforted.

Don’t you just love that? Something so simple can make you feel the most comforted. You already know I think things. Random things. That’s how I see the love of our God. So easily given and such a very simple thing, but it is the most comforting. No matter how I feel, when I go to Him and talk with Him… I am comforted! I have grown to trust Him so much that His love just comforts me.

I woke up this morning and did the little devotional with the kids. The one I mentioned in the previous post… I cancelled that as it didn’t have actual devotion messages to go along with the Scripture. I found one called “Justice: A Plan For Kids” and it’s a four day study. We love it so far, the speaker seems to engage the kids well and when I ask my son or daughter questions, they understood the message very well. It’s been so good so far! I love seeing their smiles, hearing their laugh, and see their wisdom. Never underestimate children, they have profound wisdom and it will be strengthened the more we as parents guide them.

Afterwards, the kids and I played a game together for a little bit. I went back downstairs when my hubby woke up and we watched the sermon online. Pastor Gordon is so anointed with his preaching that you can tell God speaks through him. If you’re interested, you can search Overcomer Covenant Church on Facebook or YouTube to watch. He talked a lot about boldness and courage in regards of living for the Lord. It is brilliant, convicting, and fills your Spirit.

I had a huge fail today and it made me feel sort of defeated. I’m talking about Brussels sprouts. I tried out a recipe online and it turned out terribly! It was still so bitter and I cooked it way too soft. I like mine crunchy and you know, a lot less bitter. Wooooooh, so bitter LOL. I fixed it by adding a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and a tablespoon of honey. Ah, it tasted so good but I still didn’t like the softness of it. Next time, cut the cooking time in half and definitely, definitely add the sweet sauces at the end. Golly gosh darn. This first try, it is a waste in regards of materials, but I had to start somewhere right? Trial and error. It reminded me of what it’s like following Jesus.

We fall and mess up, we get up, and try again. We might feel like such a waste because of our failures, but the good news is that God doesn’t think that. He looks at the heart. The heart is the key to everything. Do we keep getting up and keep going? Do we keep believing? Will we keep trusting? Is our heart humbled and do we have a heart that lives for the Lord? There is no perfect person. God doesn’t stop loving us because we mess up. I don’t stop loving my kids because they mess up. It is the same picture.

For instance, take Simon Peter and Judas. Both men spent three years with Jesus. Walking with Him, like also LITERALLY walking with God. Even people who literally witnessed Jesus with their own eyes can still have failures. Both of them messed up real bad and both acts brought the death of Jesus. Peter denied him not once, but three times! Judas betrayed Jesus for silver. God knew this and He still loved them, but it is so important how WE react to our failures.

Judas felt great remorse for what he had done, he returned the silver and then hung himself. He was so focused on his own feelings and failures, he couldn’t think about loving God. He didn’t choose to be selfless after the fact and couldn’t focus on God. He chose to focus on himself and then took his own life.

Peter on the other hand, also felt great remorse for what he had done. He couldn’t believe that he could do such a thing, three times on the same day. He felt a great conviction and he saw an opportunity to be different. He chose to stop feeling sorry for himself, and became a warrior for the Lord. He chose to stop being selfish. He continued to do God’s work and spread the gospel even through persecution. He just wanted to love God and share God’s love! He knew Jesus forgave him even before Peter did it. Peter knew God’s love and Peter focused on God. Whew, what a difference!

Aren’t the differences of the two outcomes crazy? It depends on our choices. We choose. God gave us the will to choose. It is hard, but it is so awesome to know that. When God says “Guard your heart”, we should really listen!

I don’t actually know what all these has to do with Brussels sprouts, but next time… I know exactly what to do! Now it’s time for dinner. Time moved way too fast today so of course, I had a quick plan for dinner for some quick meals! Breaded chicken sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and of course… baked seasoned fries! Oh yeah, I forgot to bake the fries. Got to go! Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and I truly hope you enjoyed this beautiful day. When we wake up tomorrow on the start of our new week, I am praying for everyone to always find the good in everything. For that is where joy comes from!


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