Charlotte Tilbury Darling Palette

charlotte tilbury darling eyeshadow palette

Oh my gosh, another eyeshadow palette, Livi? Okay, okay this is my last one for this year because these will last me a while. Three reasons why I have this one is…

  1. Ugh, it’s so literally so gorgeously pretty.
  2. It’s compact so I can bring it on my Hawaii trip this December.
  3. Charlotte Tilbury makeup is just amazing so you need to know about this one especially if you like sunset colors.

Also, during November, Sephora always has a winter discount thing and that’s when I buy all my stuff with 20% off. YEP. Gotta use the deals.

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charlotte tilbury darling eyeshadow palette

This Charlotte Tilbury Darling Eyeshadow palette is really my favorite! Charlotte says darling a lot so I guess no one should be surprised that she would name one of her palettes, “Darling”, right? She grew up in Ibiza and I have no clue what that place looks like but let’s assume it looks very sunset-y and beautiful.

charlotte tilbury darling eyeshadow palette

I really, really like simplicity and somewhat of an elegant packaging on my stuff because I often get tired of looking at wowza crazy packaging that I have to look at all the time. This neat, simple, and elegant packaging is so… ME. Thank you, Charlotte.

charlotte tilbury darling eyeshadow palette

I remember growing up with Clinique eyeshadows and those were so simple to use. I love how Charlotte Tilbury does this with her stuff because these can be used for two looks as a day or night look, but honestly I just use all of them at the same time. It’s just so nice.

charlotte tilbury darling eyeshadow palette

The day eye is the first three colors and let me tell you, those shimmers are so gorgeous. It’s shimmery but it is a very natural glow type of look. I like that look. The date eye is deeper and definitely can make a smoky eye out of it. The formula is so buttery and so fast to blend which is really perfect for me because I REALLY don’t have time to do my makeup for an hour.

I really like eyeshadows and how it just makes me look so awake, but at the same time I really don’t have time for it. THIS meets me halfway and now I can be a mom that doesn’t look like a zombie. I just love it.

How beautiful are these colors, right? If you are olive skin toned, these shades especially will be amazing for you. These are warm, but not TOO warm. It’s the perfect peach…. that’s not too peachy? What do you think of my descriptions? Lol, but I really like how the darkest brown in this palette is neutral and does not pull warm on me at all.

charlotte tilbury darling eyeshadow palette

You can find this palette at Sephora and I believe this is a permanent product in her line. Ok yes, it has to be… it’s named DARLING! Thank you for visiting my blog and see you on my next one! Bye lovelies! Oh, if you love eyeshadow palettes as much as me, you gotta check this charlotte tilbury pillow talk instant eye palette!

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