The History Behind A Face

I started thinking randomly today… why people do what they do or why they say what they say. I don’t mean that to sound like I’m passing off judgement but I meant it as an observation, as someone on the sidelines honestly wondering about people in general.

Too often we, as humans, react too quickly. We respond too hastily based on immediate feelings without giving it a proper thought. I’ve done it and I’ve seen many who have done the same and we can all agree how sometimes that can cause more problems.

My favorite movies of all time are mystery movies and movies that are based on a historic fact. Sure, movies are not factual in its entirety, but I still love movies that are based on a true story. I can easily do a fact check and then learn the TRUE story about it afterwards. It tells me why things are the way they are today and what caused it in the first place.

My husband and I watched this movie called ‘Midway’ and it’s about the Pearl Harbor attack and afterwards of what happened during the battle of Midway. We’ve been to the Pearl Harbor about five years ago during our tenth year anniversary in Hawaii. I’ve been on this road before learning about the Pearl Harbor, but this movie specifically touched base shortly in the beginning of why. Like Why did Japan want to expand so badly? Why in the world… is it that important that they needed to attack Pearl Harbor and other islands?

At first I assumed that it was greed. I don’t know, then the more I studied about it, it was basically fear. It stemmed from fear and it all started in the 1850s. Anyways, I’m not going to get into all that, but history is important. It’s that important that we learned about it in history class in school.

It teaches us to look behind the scenes. It teaches us to research, to learn, to understand, and in the end it teaches us sympathy and hopefully it teaches us how to forgive, to make peace, and move on with a better and positive outlook.

Just being around people, I usually catch a glimpse on what they feel at the moment. This can be a good thing, as it makes me a better friend. It can also be a bad thing as it can overwhelm me. The flinch in their eye as they respond to my question, or a smug response as if I was a lesser person. I wonder why people say or do such hurtful things without looking further at the consequences it could possibly create. I understand mistakes, but to repeat…

I often wonder why people white lie so easily as if no one remembers. I’m an intimate person who adores one on one time with friends and so often I remember the words they say to my heart like it was a picture replaying in my mind. I don’t mean it to, it just happens. And all these pondering can be answered by looking into their history.

I have prayers that are constantly in replay. My deep wishes and hopes for my family, friends, and just people in general. I hope that we all will take a moment before we respond. I hope that we all will remember what we say as to not contradict ourselves the next time. I hope that no matter how distant we may become with one another, that forgiveness and love are still important.

I hope that we all will look at one another’s faces and see the good in them. But see also the pain and choose to understand it and to care about it. People’s history is important. The eyes are the windows to the soul and we can choose to see, but if we cannot.. find out instead of assume. Love is an action. See why things are, see why things happen, see how we can help.

I often journal random thoughts that surface in a given day. I love to share about ideas, products, and tips but that is not all who I am. I’m someone who loves to pencil in thoughts as if it were a journal. Life is important. Love is, too, and I love to write about life.


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