Jujube Be Prepared Black Magic Style!


Meet my favorite baby bag ever called the Be Prepared. Yes, I’m one of the few who LOVES this style especially for newborns. Newborns need so many things from lots of change of clothes, diapers, bibs, socks, and many more. I needed this bigger bag because my daughter has lots of allergies that also led to eczema so I had to bring lotions and medicine as well! Since I have two older children also, this bag met our family’s needs AND it has a large mommy pocket for MY things. I never bring a purse on top of diaper bag when my children were babies because oh my gosh, can we not please?! Don’t we have enough things and little people to lug around? Hehe!


The print that I used was the Tokidoki Fairfella in the Jujube collection. This one is called the black magic which was a gift for my sister and her super cute newborn baby! Isn’t it the perfect gift ever??? I mean obviously the be prepared would sit on the stroller and not to be lugged around on your shoulder unless you want to kill your poor shoulders. All the three and a half years that I used my be prepared I have never really carried it around for more than five minutes. It would just be carried to transfer it somewhere else mostly.


One reason why the Be Prepared is so loved by me is that this is the PERFECT babysitters bag. I can pack lots of snacks, clothes, water bottles, and anything else babysitter might need (practically the same way I would pack for them but for some reason I end up packing more JUST IN CASE). Last time I used the be prepared for a babysitter…. I put a fuel cell filled with frozen chicken nuggets, juices, frozen veggies, and tater tots for my youngest to eat at dinner time. Allergies are tough and this made it easy for the babysitter!My sister in law said her mom is an overpacker and wants her to pack LOTS and lots of things for her when she babysits her kids. The picture shown above is real life packing for a babysitter! If I’m guessing right, she at least has a fuel cell, large be organized, A be quick, and more!


When the children are no longer babies or young children, this style of bag can be turned into a weekender bag! It can fit my toiletries, makeup, and changes of clothes. Since women’s clothes are thinner in general, it’s very doable to pack them into this bag. The trick is to roll them up very tightly and use a small packing cube from amazon OR jujube’s new be organized packing cubes. A little fun tip is to sneak in a Be Light in the changing pad pocket in the back to use as a purse when you’re out and about during your trip!Is the Be Prepared a must in your life? Why or why not? Let me know your thoughts and until next time!


More review on this bag including inside pictures here:



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