Living Today In Peace (At Home)

What is that like? I’ve been wondering what it’s like to live a full day in total peace. In a world full of worries and stresses, it’s easy for us to forget peace. This causes us to never truly living each day with peace inside our hearts and minds. Peace is one thing that God gave us and created us in. Is that weird to say?

Our creator is a powerful God. He already knows everything and what’s to come. So really, what is there to really worry about? He just asks us to trust in Him that He will take care of us, so therefore encourages us to live in peace.

It boils down to that. Trust in HIM. Believing that no other things can be more powerful than Him… so again, really what is there to worry about? So today, I’m going to live in peace. There probably will be thoughts of worries here and there. The difference is that we are going to address it, quickly stop it, and remember God’s power. We do not remain in it! Let’s see what that’s like.

morning time

It’s 8:23 AM right now. I woke up at 6:55 am to ask my husband to drop off our oldest to school lol. I usually worry that he just falls back asleep, but he didn’t. Another thing is that last night, I asked if he can stop by Safeway to get some bagels since our little monsters of children eats them SO fast.

Normally, I send him text reminders haha, but I didn’t. I figure, if he does, GREAT! If he didn’t, I would end up going after picking up Keilani. Either way, bagels will make it home to our house. I thought that these things that we worry about accumulates as the days go on. I say again to myself, what is peace really like when we actually practice it? It starts with the small things, therefore when the big comes… we would know how to truly remain in ultimate peace. By the way, hubby totally brought home bagels.

I remember that as I was laying in bed, I realized today is Tuesday. My last day before I go back to work. Ugh… LOL. Worrying about what shenanigans are going to come up at work. Retail is annoying. Why are people SOOOOO (rawr!). Then, I was like, “Wow, why am I literally worrying about TOMORROW?” I wasted a couple of minutes deciphering about a day that isn’t here. There it is friends! I remember that God already knows and I know that He holds the power, so why does it really matter what happens? What matters is how we handle it and how we carry things out. Isn’t it insane to worry about what if’s? What ifs are things that we create in our own head because of worries! Let’s move on…

I’m drinking my bomb espresso right now as Mileina’s chicken nuggets bakes in the toaster oven. The Napoli intensity 13 with a tablespoon of toffee syrup. The best. I’ll be back later to update!

it’s almost noon

Three hours later at 11:36 AM! Let’s see what did I do? Oh! After I drank my espresso, I had a super jolt of energy. I dropped off the younger kids to school while hubby changed the oil of his car. When I got home, I was like wow I have to do something to burn this caffeine off. Soooo, I worked out!

It’s week five in my epic 3 program that I’m following. This has been a challenge because half of the time, I really didn’t want to do it. But if I really think about it deeply, it’s literally only 30-40 minutes of my 24 hour day. I honestly question why I have these debates with myself worrying about if I will have time. I DO have time. In reality, we make time for what we think is good! We may not like it at the time being, but if we see the big picture – like how God sees it… we invest for the greater good!

Yesterday, I weighed myself and the numbers didn’t move. As a matter of fact, it looked like I GAINED weight. I started freaking out and worried that I haven’t been doing good enough. what did I do wrong? Well, that was yesterday and I hated that train of thought. I also remembered that I just drank 3 liters of water, worked out my lower body that caused my muscles to swell and be extremely sore! Duh, Livi, you’re supposed to weigh yourself in the morning before anything else. Hahah, oh the things that we put ourselves in.

Today, I put myself in Yeshua’s peace bubble. I’m okay. I’m more than okay! What do I do this for? It’s not to reach a certain number on the scale. That just means another form of false idolatry because if we live by that each day, then who is our God? If that makes no sense, then think of it in social media form, what number are we trying to reach? How many likes make us feel good about ourselves? I remind myself that the things we do and what we strive for comes with the intentions of the heart. Do we do things for the glory of God or for the glory of ourselves?

I strive for health because this is the body I’ve been given. Created by the love of our Almighty. I don’t want to consume things that will destroy it before it’s my time to go. Eating good ingredients make me feel good and eating really yummy but unhealthy things make me feel really gross and sluggish. We can eat whatever we want, but in moderation. If we do anything in excess, then it’s still bad! Wooh, now I really understand why gluttony is one of the deadly sins. Yikes! By the way… gluttony is not only directed at food. With that said, I strive to be strong so that I could live out the life that God meant for me before it’s my time to go. To live, without complaints of the aches of my body, but to carry out the calling He’s given me without any distractions. If it sounds weird, then sorry. It makes sense in my head lol.

I think I wrote a lot for the midday. It’s almost 12pm. I will take a break here and finish editing photos for my updated coffee bar!

oh, the evening

It’s 5:00 PM now and today’s goal of remaining in peace still stands firm! I have been craving pad thai for the longest time. Longest time means two weeks, by the way. So I tried out a new restaurant close by and brought the meals home. I was SO sad that the spicy pad thai I ordered was not the slightest spicy at all. Maybe like a poke spicy. You know, like if someone were to poke you to get your attention. You’re like, “huh? oh.” Well, it was like that… huh… oh. I mean, my kids ate it just fine without needing to drink water. Even Keilani, the super non spice person ever. She literally ate all of it in her dish. I mean, that’s good news that it was good for the kids, but meh for me. *cry* Their fresh spring rolls was bomb though! Wooh! I’ll take that win.

My days at home are easily peaceful. There are only four people besides me here, so it’s such a controlled environment, you know? But don’t take that as an easy thing. Since our world is so “connected” with the internet, we all can fall into the worry and stress rabbit hole easily. Just look at facebook, instagram, or twitter and within ten or so seconds, you’ll find something. Then, you’re like… “wth?! uhm… well what if that really happens?!” or things like, “seriously, WHAT happened?”

Let’s talk about facebook. Yesterday, I didn’t go on social media at all. I was too busy enjoying life. Lol. Then, I got a text from a friend asking if my social media was not working. So, of course I checked to see, then lo and behold, it worked… but five seconds later, I saw a post that talked about why it wasn’t working. Actually it was a post saying this, “So what do you guys think happened to facebook?” As you all might know, Facebook owns instagram and twitter so if one goes down, all goes down. I read about five or ten or twenty comments from that post… and ALL of it was negative. Some were funny, but literally all of it was negative. I also saw a lot of photoshop photos. Do you know what happens when you fuel the fire? Eventually the forest will burn. Think about each of us as a tree… if you don’t hydrate yourself with the word of God and remain in peace, (there’s a reason why there’s a saying of fill your cup!) you’ll wreak havoc and spread the fire around you.

This is one way I remain in peace… I get off social media.

the day ends!

The night has begun. It’s 9:00 PM now, four hours later since my last check in. In the early morning or at the end of the night, I head to my bible app for a good devotional. Usually, I would do it in the morning to get my day started but today, I just forgot. I was reading my devotional just now before I do my last update… and guess what the topic was? PEACE! Literally, shalom. What the author was talking about was exactly my goal. He talked about Jacob praying to receive peace when he arrived back to Canaan. Jacob didn’t know what he was REALLY asking for at the time… but God gave him the trials to understand true peace from within and from God.

No, truly, we don’t want peace with conditions. You know, when the days are good and nothing goes wrong type of peace – and as soon as something happens, we freak out! Ahhh, the freakage! That’s not true peace, that’s conditional peace. True peace is when we can still be still through a storm. True peace is when we can still trust God through the worst time in life. True peace is when we can remain calm through anything at any given time. It starts with the small things, always the small things. Think about a person in your life, do you know anyone that freaks out over little things? How would they react with the big things?

We can have ounces of worry, but should we have pounds of worry that just keeps adding on to create mountains of worry that lead to fear, anxiety, and all those feelings? Definitely not! Today was not challenging for me, I had to keep myself in check most of the time, but not truly challenging where I have to bring out my armor of God coin lol. I know how it feels to be worried or have anxiety. I feel it at work sometimes. So either tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday… I will do this again and see how I can live that day in peace at my place of work. Well, thanks friends for reading. I know it was weird. Hope you had a good day today!


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