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I’m a scrapbooker. Oh wait, I mean I WAS. My friends, I tell you I spent days and days trying to finish one album. The more kids I had, the more difficult it was to finish one album. The more years that passed, the more pictures… that wasn’t in an album.

Since last year, I discovered photo books that you can create on your Macbook or on your iPhones. WHAT? Yes. Okay, I’ll admit… I knew about this long before last year but have never tried it because like some people, I don’t really like change. ha ha ha. Now, I’ve been turned. I really don’t want to scrapbook anymore ever, let’s just literally “scrap” that idea.

I used the Motif app to create A Christmas Story book filled with our family Christmas photos. Since I mentioned… I haven’t finished scrapbooking my Christmas album, I thought this was a perfect time to gather my family Christmas photos for the past ten years. Wow, ten years. 2008 until 2018!

I was able to use the fonts I already had on my laptop which is pretty amazing as I really, really love this cursive font that my sister in law introduced me to. It’s called Autumn in November if you were wondering!

Instead of the usual albums, I created this photo book in a story setting telling a story about the three little elves. Guess who they are? haha, of course, my kids.

It’s so easy to use the app, but it did take me almost a whole day because I had to look for the pictures in different external hard drives, haha. If you already have all your pictures, then this will only take a couple hours. Much better than a few days, right? Especially if you’re a busy mama!

I am so happy with the turnout of this Christmas photo book. My kids enjoyed reading it and looking at their younger self. “Hey, thats me when I was a baby!” So cute! In the end of the book, I mentioned a sequel for the next decade… but I’m for sure using this app to create my photo books ALL THE TIME now for all our photos. This would also be a perfect gift for your relatives! Download the Motif app on your laptop or iPhone and try it out! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I’ll see you on the next one.

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