Make Your Holiday A Breeze With Samsung Family Hub Fridge!

Looking to turn your Holiday season into a very merry, but very efficient station in your kitchen? This Samsung fridge with Family Hub helps with literally everything for your family. Thank you Samsung for sponsoring this post!

It’s the Christmas season so we all know that this season is the merriest, but also the busiest. Lots of events and lots of… baking and cooking! With many occasions this season brings, our family definitely needs a fridge that can hold all our festivity foods while also keeping track of the special events. 

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This Samsung refrigerator with a built in Family hub meets our every need! If you have a big family like we do, this feature is beyond what you can dream of for a refrigerator. It’s not a surprise that a fridge is where all the command center is stored. This fridge has magnetic sides, but… I mean, come on, how many items can we fit anyway? The family hub solves this so called dilemma because it features SO MANY THINGS that you can do with it.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

I really like how I can easily look up recipes using the AllRecipes app. In this case, it’s time to bake some Christmas cookies! It’s perfect for me because… I need exact measurements.

This has such a spacious main fridge and it is also easy to reach for the kids, too. A quick tip: Use container pieces to organize all your foods like the eggs container and lots and lots of rectangular sized bins! 

What I really like about the family hub as well is that when you open the AllRecipes app, it stays there until you close it out. You don’t have to worry about opening it over and over to find your recipe. You can also favorite your recipes!

My youngest girl is six years old so I have a step stool handy for my littlest so she can reach even the top shelf. What a little helper!

Another quick tip: I made the bottom right area for milk, almond milk, and juices! Simply push the adjustable shelf back and make this area for even the tallest containers!

For the top shelf of the fridge, I used three large plastic bins to store butter, salad dressings, and lots of other condiments.

I love smart appliances and I love how the door has a fun melody when the doors has been opened too long. It alerts you on the fridge and it also alerts you on your Samsung family hub app on your phone. Hey kids, close that door!

When you’re waiting for your foods to bake in the oven, open up the drawing board for the kids. WHAT? Yes. You read that right. One of the coolest feature for the kids. They love to draw and they are some talented little artists. They can choose all these different colors to create a Christmas masterpiece! Rudolph? Mitzi? All the kids drawings can be saved within the family hub, but wait! You can create different profiles to show who drew it or who wrote the memo. So cool!

Let’s not be bored while baking or cooking or waiting in the kitchen because there’s a Spotify app in the family hub. Listen to a Christmas playlist on your Spotify account and dance the night away! Ahh, the Christmas joy!

My kids really love the music feature. It definitely creates a mood in the morning during breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I personally love it in the morning. It wakes us up and it can put is in a joyful mood. Time to get over that sleepy phase!

It’s so obvious that our family loves photos and I mean that in the most extravagant way, haha. I take pictures of EVERYTHING but my most favorite time of the year are Christmas pictures. No need to print anything, my dear friends… because you can upload all your photos to the family app using the APP on your phone. Have too many photos but not enough space on your fridge? Well… this solves that! 

The holidays are definitely the most busiest season. All the Christmas gatherings and events sometimes it’s hard to keep track of. Not to mention my daughter’s birthday, the actual birthday party, Christmas, AND our anniversary. Keep track of them all in the calendar app. I personally connected my outlook calendar, but there’s a google calendar you can connect, too.

The freezer has a very, very nice size compartment. The bottom part of the freezer is where I store all the quick meals and frozen vegetables. There’s also a top part of the freezer that we store ice cream, frozen waffles and other frozen breakfast foods. 

This Samsung fridge has an area called the FlexZone which we use for all our deli needs. There’s bacon, hot dogs, salami, and our many, many, many different cheeses in all the cheese forms you can think of. Since my youngest has a dairy allergy, hers is stored in one area because it comes with a divider that you can move around and lock!

The way that the fridge was made makes cleaning up a breeze. I can see literally everything I have in it so I know where everything goes. This especially helps for the kids because now they don’t have to just throw everything in…. Put it where it belongs, kids!

One of my husband’s favorite feature is the water and ice dispenser. It’s tall enough so that you can fill your water bottle with ease. No more angling and risking spilling water. There’s three buttons which is for water, ice cubes, and crushed ice!

As you can tell, we LOVE this Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator SO MUCH. It is everything we need in our kitchen and it is a must have for parents! Let’s recap. This Samsung refrigerator has a built in Family hub that supports a calendar, photo albums, family board, memo notepads, drawing board, music, Allrecipes app, shopping list, to-do list, and so much more. You can even SEE inside the fridge, so if you don’t remember what you need while at the store… look at the inside view using the Samsung Family Hub app on your phone. This is the perfect fridge AND the perfect family “command center” ever! They have it in this Stainless Steel color, Stainless Steel Black, & Tuscan! Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll see you on the next post.

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