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Have you ever found yourself in a place where you are just unsure about what you’re supposed to do in life? Perhaps, you may be questioning if the things that you are doing have any meaning because it feels like you are not at your full potential. At one point in your life, you know that what you’re doing is your calling, but others around you sometimes make you feel otherwise or makes you feel that your gifts and talents aren’t up to their standards? I’m almost convinced that most of the time, it is our own voice that creates those thoughts but it doesn’t make it any less real or less painful. What we can only do is to move on from there, but the question always remains the same. How?

​He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;

    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”
Psalm 46:10

Ever since I became a Christian in my teenage years, my life did not get any easier. At all, actually… but it did become more clear, assuring, and life somehow felt so worth the struggle. There is a strong sense of peace even in the darkest of days that may happen in our lives because one thing has changed -my belief and the trust that comes afterwards. Life is not without storms, that’s a sure fact but the difference between my life now and then is that I no longer let the storm effect me the way it did. Free. That is one of the popular and most impacting word that defines the purpose of believing in Jesus Christ.Does that mean that we are completely untouchable from pain, confusion, or the feeling of hopelessness? While it may not cause you into a downward spiral of destruction, we are not untouchable from those feelings. That’s why being in God’s word is so important. That’s also why they say that the Bible is alive because it gives you life. Words have so much strength, it can give encouragement and clarity or it can cause despair and confusion. There are three phrases that I live by and I want to share what it means to me.


I was born and spent nine years of my childhood in Indonesia. As a child, I never understood why we had to move to a different country. It was difficult to be around new people in new classrooms and at the same time learning a new language. I wasn’t immune to the whispers of others and the obvious singling out of the new and from-out-of-the-country kid. Looking back at all the struggles back then and looking at my life now, God put me here for a purpose and it was only up to me to bloom or wilt. Will I listen and bloom from His plans that He set out for me? Will I take His hands when He sent those people to lead me closer to finding Him? Bloom, He said!


Just like the flowers that bloom during the Spring season… they had to go through a time of losing their petals before they bloom. Likewise, we have to let go of our old life before we make a choice to bloom. Like the seeds that are planted in the dark and cold ground for a time, we have to go through a time of growth before we reach our own full potential. This is a part of life and we will go through all the struggles and hardship. The questions of, “Why me?” or “Why is this always happening to me?” are destructive words of self-wallowing and self-pity. I had to realize that going through this stage was an important learning moment for me. Can you imagine being the black sheep of your own family? To let go of them and their beliefs and follow Christ when they do not believe in Him? “Be Still and Know”, He said. “Be Still and know that I am God.”


Trust… such a tough word and a tough thing to do. I love knowing that every human in this world acts on faith whether they realize it or not. Faith without trust isn’t possible. In the end, God’s infinite love for you is real. So long that you trust in Him, you’ll see His love shining on you. While my experiences in life may not relate to you, but it shows that God’s love is so infinite. I am safe where I am. I have a purpose in this place. God also gifted me a family of my own to share His love. God also gave me the gift of words and the love of writing to share and I think it’s because the calling of this platform, this blog, is to reach you, my friend. Wherever you are and whatever place you’re in, you may be in need some of encouraging. All because He has an infinite love for you. 
These words and phrases that I live by is so life changing and it has helped through every stage of my life. Remember why you were planted there in that dark, gloomy ground. Be still and know that God has got you therefore don’t let the storm consume you. If all else fails, remember the love that He has for you that surpasses all living creatures in this world. If He will feed the birds in the sky, won’t He do more for you? (Matthew 6:26) Live your words. Believe in them and you’ll see where you’ll go.

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  1. JeeYoung
    March 15, 2018 / 6:51 PM

    Love those bracelets and devotional reminders <3

    • Livi
      March 26, 2018 / 2:20 PM

      Thank you!

  2. Jasmine Hewitt
    March 16, 2018 / 9:07 AM

    Love the reminder behind this, and they’re so pretty!

  3. Justine @ Little Dove
    March 16, 2018 / 10:29 AM

    Love those pretty bracelets. It can be so hard to trust in the Lord sometimes but He always has an amazing plan for us that we often can’t see!

    • Livi
      March 26, 2018 / 2:21 PM

      Yes, I agree!

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