It Truly Is Bigger Than Me



For National Women’s History month I’m sharing about the beautiful ‘Lisa in Blush’ by Evy’s Tree. It’s a simple yet a complex piece that speaks true motherhood life! I knew I wanted a career, but I didn’t want to pursue anything that would pull me away from being the main caretaker of my children. I knew I loved to write, capture moments, and to create but It took me a very long time with frustrations, uncertainties, fear, and insecurities. Am I good enough? Has my talents and skills disappeared? Will anyone even care with what I have to say? Would sharing my thoughts make me too vulnerable? How will I even have time to do this? I realized that all the fear got in the way of what I envisioned when everything I pictured was actually bigger than me. The truth is 1 Corinthians 10:31: “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” Find the Joy in the dreams that you have, then there is no room for fear.

When I worried about the what if’s, I drained myself with the energy I could be using to create something wonderful. I had to set my heart and mind to look upwards and know that whatever happens, God has got me. He is the air that I live on and the Encourager that keeps me going. He is also the One who calms the scary waves of my own mind. I can think a lot and the other problem that I kept thinking of was time. There isn’t enough time in a day to finish everything or let alone, start something. Sometimes my mind runs and worry about the time I don’t have. Being a stay at home mom and working from home is a tough job sometimes because I see all the mama duties I have at home while I try to create and write. I also remember those insanely busy moments when my kids were babies but we will get to that later. First, I want to talk about the random moments that are there for me to take, but sometimes I spend too much time deciding if it’s a good moment or not.
Let’s talk about this picture above! In front of my daughter and I is a camera on a tripod at 9:00 AM in the morning. Below the cropped picture is my hand holding my phone as my remote control to take the picture. This moment is just exactly fifteen minutes before she had to leave before preschool. This photo shoot was planned in my mind for another time, but actually happened completely unplanned. All it took was a glance at the sweatshirt and the color of pants she was wearing, all of a sudden I realized we were twinning. Then I thought, okay… maybe I don’t have time for this, my battery is almost dead, and I don’t know if this will turn out right otherwise I would have wasted our time when I can just sit down and drink some coffee. Then a little tiny cute voice said, “Mommy, can I step on the snow? It’s sparkly!” I hoped for the best and it took a full two minutes for a short fun snow stepping! I couldn’t believe it turned out how I envisioned it to be! It’s okay to take a chance when you don’t know if it will even turn out right – because it just might! I would like to share a few more encouraging words that hopefully will help you!IT’S OKAY TO MULTITASK: Fulfilling motherhood duties and maintaining a blog is tough that needs a lot of extra time. If you’re a mother, you know that your time is limited because motherhood in itself is already time consuming. That is why I chose a niche that IS my life: Motherhood lifestyle. When I started blogging, I wrote my posts on my phone on an app next to my hopefully sleeping baby (Mimi). I only gave time to write when my baby was napping or falling asleep at night. It used to take an hour for her to fall asleep and she wouldn’t sleep without me next to her. One of my hands was comforting my baby to sleep, while the other was typing on my iPhone keypad! Instead of being bored out of my mind, I started writing. Do what works and if it seems silly, do it anyway. Multitasking is built within us, so why not use it to its full potential? In all honesty, at times I still do this because I’m writing this post on my phone while I’m waiting in the car until my kids get out of school!IT’S OKAY TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED: It used to take me a week or two to finish a blog post. I took pictures one day, edit another day, write on another day, finalize it another day, and finally to publish… yet another day. If you need the time, take it. There were many occasions where it took me a month to finish one blog post. Your babies aren’t going to be tiny forever, and they will grow. My youngest is now four and while I still hold on to the same techniques, now I do it faster because my motherhood life allows me to.

IT’S OKAY TO PLAN DIFFERENTLY: If your babies are still in newborn stage, plan your content wishes in your head. You do not need a daily planner. Just tell yourself, “This week I want to…” then write it down in your phone notes, or on a sticky note like bullet planning! If you’re not ready, don’t commit to daily planning because if Motherhood life is true to itself, your plans will run amock and most likely, it won’t work out that day. It just calls for feelings of disappointment and the lies you will tell yourself that you can’t do it and can’t finish what you started. But you can. plan differently, start small with small steps that will eventually turn into big steps that will result in big things overtime.

IT’S OKAY TO GROW SLOWLY: You will grow slowly, that’s just how it is but believe in your vision, and build it on that faith that you want to share something good. Goodness strive, and purity of the intention of your heart will shine. Don’t concentrate on the number of posts before you feel you have credibility. Put your love to the quality of your content even if it takes you longer to make. When you are recognized… your love, sweat, and probably those “happy” tears will show in those posts that YOU made! There is complexity in motherhood and blogging…but it’s ALL beautiful!

FINALLY, REALIZE THE BIG PICTURE Life is work no matter how you look at it. All the struggles and difficulties are examples of work! Getting up in the morning, showering, school, jobs… there is always a big picture to the meaning of each thing. Why do you get up? To live. To love. To help! Why do we go to school? To prepare us for our future. Why do we work? To create a living for our family! There is a big picture but there is also a big process. That process can blind and fool you into thinking you’re insignificant and what you’re doing isn’t worth anything because as human beings, we can be rather impatient and want results now. This path that we call redundant, stressful, and difficult is what will shape us to get to where we need to go. We’re being transformed at the moment in the alias of what we call work but there is always the big picture. It is very simple, but at the same time so complicated, isn’t it?

The Lisa in Blush is a timeless piece by Evy’s Tree. It tells a story in the details woven in the backside. It reminds me of a sermon I heard not too long ago at my church. There is complexity in the different patterns you see, but overall it finishes beautifully and perfect. That’s how God’s plan is for us, we can’t see it completely when we start but we trust that it will work out in our favor in the end because it was planned by the great Creator! If you feel it in your heart that this is your calling, don’t be afraid to listen to it because it might be something that was planned carefully just for you. Likewise, I love a piece of clothing that is so simple but has complete perfect complicated beauty in its back story, just like the pattern on the back of this Lisa piece!

Friends, we as women, we are powerful and we are able to do many things when we believe in ourselves. We’ve climbed and fought to be where we are today. I’m not a feminist, but I am proud of all the women that created the path for all of us to be able to do what we dream. of. You will never know where you’ll go if you don’t start. Be courageous. Do scary things. Believe in yourself! Do you own a piece of Evy’s Tree? The Lisa in Blush is the prettiest first piece you can own! I hope some of my tips helped to encourage you to go where you dream to be. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and until next time!



  1. Alaina Monster
    February 27, 2018 / 1:25 PM

    All these points are spot in… especially the taking you time and that it’s okay to take your time. ❤

  2. Tifanee
    February 28, 2018 / 9:19 AM

    These are great tips! Especially “It’s okay to plan differentally” That’s something I struggled with once and it took me so long to come to the realization that it would be okay if I had to change something due to motherhood. Love the sweater on you too, it’s beautiful!

  3. Tayler
    February 28, 2018 / 6:33 PM

    I love the tip of it being ok to grow slowly. That’s how I’ve been dong my blog!

  4. Anna
    March 1, 2018 / 5:43 AM

    Oh, I love this post. Yes, it’s okay to take your time and grow slow. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. ohmummymia
    March 2, 2018 / 1:18 PM

    Such a lovely post and those pictures are so pretty:) It’s Ok to be yourself 🙂

  6. Rose
    March 5, 2018 / 4:01 PM

    Im glad you caught the moment. It’s super special because you were twinning. Some days are better then others when it comes to multi-tasking.

  7. Candy
    March 5, 2018 / 5:38 PM

    This post brought a lot of peace and was very well written. I think the biggest hurdle is slow growth. Everyone talks about overnight successes, that it’s hard to remember the authenticy. Slow, organic growth is better than rushed, misguided followers. Excellent article.

  8. Carolina @ Sonoma County Kids
    March 5, 2018 / 8:28 PM

    Staying at home is challenging on its own. Blogging can make it harder but yes go on your own pace. One step at the time.

  9. Jennifer
    March 6, 2018 / 6:50 AM

    Love the tips! My blog isn’t where I ultimately would like it to be but that is ok. My daughter is 3 and my days are busy with activity. It takes me awhile to publish an article and that’s ok. Quality over quantity.

  10. Rachel
    March 6, 2018 / 5:45 PM

    I really like that cardigan. It is so pretty and detailed. I really do enjoy it!

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