True Colors

Taking our thoughts captive? What does that even mean? Sounds kind of weird right, but when you think of it our thoughts is the beginning of a downward spiral or it can be controlled and focused on positivity. It’s hard, I know… but considering recent events and how our “normalcy” has changed. I think that’s something we should practice.

As soon as it was announced that our school district is closing for SIX weeks, I immediately already planned to go to the store. No… not for toilet paper, but for food for my kids’ lunch since they’ll be staying home. But I saw the empty shelves of toilet paper and I was like, oh wow, it’s actually real .

Doesn’t it all make sense, though? Our thoughts are the center of everything. Will we let it dwell in fear? The thoughts are the beginning of our decisions, of what we say and ultimately what we do. It’s easy to focus on the bad or annoyance, but when we try to think positive instead, it will probably stop us from doing the selfish things or say things we shouldn’t.

Let’s not forget about the racist things that are said to a certain asian group of people. I think it’s a bit too much. I saw a video of one man threaten to spray an asian person with Febreeze. The abuse and the violence stems from fear, but the fear is rooted in the mind. The mind holds what thoughts you focus on. I also wonder what the over-hoarding of toilet paper is supposed to do for one family? What about the other families, couples, or even ONE person in the surrounding area? Do the others think about others? Then some stores are raising prices of these items, and others selling them online for whatever price?

This week showed me rather embarrassing things that could’ve been prevented. Honestly, I just laugh when I think of it because it’s literally something so trivial that is built up in the mind to be the most terrible thing ever. My husband and I were on our way to go biking this past Monday. We had our bikes in the bed of our mini truck and of course living in an area that when you literally pull out of your neighborhood… It is a hill and sometimes it’s an uphill battle!

As we reached the stoplight to turn left, the lady behind us who apparently had her own battle in her mind of negative thoughts towards us decided to act on it. The words that came out of her mouth can easily be chosen NOT be said. “Learn to drive, (insert B word here)!” then proceeded to give us the infamous middle finger. I was immediately embarrassed. Oh not for us, but for her. Technically, I’m sure all the other drivers heard her and with the technology these days, I’m sure her actions was recorded. Heck, it was recorded by us because we have a dash cam or whatever it’s called. Not only that, but what if my daughters or son were in the car and witnessed it? Other children in the other cars?

What about the young teenagers learning how to drive? This will soon hit home for me when Keilani is at that stage in life. How about an elderly person just wanting to be safe while they’re driving? Because technically sometimes I drive like an “old” person. Sometimes people don’t have anyone and can only depend on themselves. Should they have a sticker out just like our young drivers?

“Please be patient with me, I’m a student driver.”

“Please forgive me, I am old and I don’t have anyone else to drive for me.”

“Don’t be angry with me, my car won’t go faster.”

Anyway, my heart of hearts that can feel all the terrible surge going through it, one verse popped up in my mind.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”

Philippians 4:8 ESV

It’s a very, very thought provoking verse about thinking, isn’t it? It can either put us in an embarrassing state, or it can make us to be an understanding person, a patient person, and someone who will lower our own selfish needs for the good of others?

The things that you say about another person? It’s all forgiven but does someone ever really forget? It’s something that can’t be taken back. What about that mom who is trying her best to support her husband and kids the way she can? After all, she is who they depend on. She is on the low totem pole in the views of the world, but in reality her family is rising up, therefore she feels like she is rising up as well. But then others tell her she has nothing, not a degree, school, or job outside the home that make a definite income as everyone else? Others ask her what she does during the day since her kids are in school insinuating that she does literally nothing? But yet, dinner is served every night, clothes are washed and folded, her home is in tact, she is sustaining the bond with her kids when they’re home over a desire of a perfect home, helping them with their homework, supporting her husband with his ever changing work schedule, available to rescue the kids if something happens at school, and she is building up her own business right out of her house all at the same time? I am that mom and those are the things that’s been said to me for as long as I can remember. From strangers or acquaintances being passive aggressive, to even downright family.

It makes me think why is it so hard for people to choose to think positive about another before they hurt one another? This life is not a race. Whether it’s for toilet paper or not. This life should be appreciated, and the people in it should be loved even during the toughest of times. What are our true colors in a normal day? During a scare? During a pandemic? During a heavy storm…

“God’s peace is not the calm after the storm. It’s the steadfastness during it.”


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