Tips To Start Spring Cleaning

I am not a big Spring cleaning person because I used to always think I have to do it in one day to feel accomplished. That isn’t true because just cleaning one type of room in your house can take hours. Deep cleaning your home can be done in less than one week and in this post, I have six videos to keep you company while you start your Spring cleaning!


I chose to start my day one on a Sunday afternoon. After church and after lunch is the perfect time for it. Oh, don’t be mistaken! I did not start in the most difficult part of the house. I chose our bedroom for this day. Yes, just one bedroom. Literally one room. Our bedroom.

The reason for this is to create a clean and comforting space to get started on your long week of Spring cleaning. I say long, because it does feel long because who really likes cleaning, haha. You will want to settle down and relax in a clean space after a long day of deep cleaning your house. Usually, this place is our bedroom. Kick back our feet, feel accomplished on finishing one day of cleaning, grab a glass of wine, and watch a movie!


On the second day of this Spring cleaning plan, it would be nice to deep clean your kitchen. This is the most used area in our house. My family goes in and out of this area up to six or more times a day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack times, getting and refilling a cup of water, making a shake, getting more snacks. If you have kids. Lol, just stop counting. In the video, you’ll see the steps I did to clean my kitchen and basically, it’s the same similar steps that I used for the rest of my house.


We have two living rooms in our house. One is just a normal living room that’s used everyday and the other is usually the living room for gatherings and get togethers. In the smaller living room, I am often in here working out, blogging, filming videos, and just watching Netflix shows while I fold laundry. I think by this day, I decided I really don’t like dusting. Ah-choo!


The rooms that you have seen so far all belonged to the first floor of my home. I planned it this way because I don’t like to jump over the second floor before finishing the main floor. It drives me crazy to go into another area before finishing the first. That’s just me, but I think it will help you feel more accomplished as you enter your mid cleaning week. You don’t have to think about it anymore!

We have two bathrooms downstairs and one upstairs, so this is why the bathrooms are on the fourth day of my Spring cleaning week. When I finish the two bathrooms downstairs, I can finally move on to the second floor of my home. The third bathroom is upstairs and it is the kids bathrooms. I never look forward to cleaning kids anything. SIGH. My kids are elementary grade school, so they’re not old enough to know how to fully clean. So yep………. mama comes to finish the job.


Fifth day is cleaning the kids rooms. I have to tell you, this was the most dreaded day I did not look forward to, haha. Kids and toys. Kids and how they never really put back things where they actually belong. They’re more like… let’s just put everything in one place and dump it there. Really, you should watch this video. LOL


The last day of this Spring cleaning week was the happiest. One reason is that it’s finally over and second, is that the rest of the upstairs wasn’t really too bad. Sure, everything is basically out of place but the deep cleaning wasn’t as bad as the kitchen and the bathrooms. The upstairs areas aren’t really used that much. I mean, it’s used, but not as often that it would make it dreadful to clean. On the seventh day of your cleaning week, you REST. Don’t even do anything, just relax and bask in the clean home you just created.

What do you think of these Spring cleaning tips? Have you started yours yet? Did you notice that I literally wore sweaters and leggings/joggers the whole six days? Haha! Best cleaning attire ever. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I’ll see you on my next post!

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