The Painted Ladies & The Twin Peaks


I am a full house fan to the max. I watched that show like my life depended on it. There was no way that we could visit San Fransisco without visiting the Painted Ladies. The intro of the full house is such a fun and engaging introduction to their fun sitcom. The ending of the introduction ended in this Alamo park right here where I am sitting… and to the back of the Tanner family was these beautiful painted ladies homes!



it is so fun to visit places where our favorite shows took place. Okay, so I know it’s only the intro and they actually filmed it somewhere else… but doesn’t it just make it feel so real and alive? Just look at how much fun my kids are having rolling down this grassy hill. The smell; the sun hitting your skin, and the view just made this day so close to perfect! We actually didn’t visit the actual Tanner home because we were pressed for time but knowing that we were able to be in the same area that they were having a picnic on? I call that a success!!


My husband and daughter taking a selfie just making memories. Look at how sweet they look.


Afterwards we visited the Twin Peaks that overlooks the city. It was extremely windy and cold there and let me tell you I was so happy we all had sweaters because it was super cold! My expectations were thwarted in regards that california is supposed to be hot all the time, haha. This was definitely such a beautiful and breathtaking view!


Last but not least, in no particular order, we had a nice little lunch at a Thai restaurant. We ate, we laughed, we rested, and most of all we enjoyed ‘this day. Of course being a parent of three is that we definitely had to have a stroller tl
cruise around San Fransisco right? I found this on Amazon at such a great price and I am soooo glad I took the plunge! You can find this stroller here! I hope you enjoyed looking back on our Day 1 of Spring Break. Thanks for visiting!


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