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Do you have a stuffed animal and plush dolls hoarder? Has the village of cute little lovies taken over your little girl’s room and need something to organize them? I have a simple but very effective solution from Creative QT to organize the stuffed animals! This post contains affiliate links, thank you for your support.

The best thing about having a little girl who loves all the pretty and cute stuffed animals is that she literally appreciates and love every single one of them. It’s the best gift anyone can buy for a little kiddo! That’s Mimi. Her eyes light up when she sees a stuffed animal. I mostly think its cute until I see her room literally taken over by everything plushie.

stuffed animal bean bag

These pink crates was actually for her books, but since her reading area was already covered with her dolls… these crates was the next best thing to store them. Then my oldest daughter decided she didn’t want her plush dolls anymore so she gave 99% to her little sister which the little sister gladly welcomed with open arms.

I wasn’t really glad, haha but ugh I knew that I needed to do something about this because her room looked really bad. If i’m going to be honest, it was on top of her bed that she sleeps on, and randomly all over the floor as well. I love all the cuties, but it needed to be organized or in our case it needed to be STUFFED and sit on, haha!

The Stuff ‘n Sit by Creative QT is what I needed like ten years ago. It is the fastest solution that is extremely simple and the end result is neat and pretty!


stuffed animal bean bag

I want to start by saying I did not lift a finger for this “project”. It was all done by my five year old stuffed animals loving daughter! Look at her reading area, barely any space to actually lounge and read books. Wait a second, where are all the books anyways?


stuffed animal bean bag

We chose the simple gray stripes because her room has mostly white frames and a little bit of gray here and there. I love that Creative QT has simple designs for a crazy room like my daughter’s.

stuffed animal bean bag

Just simply unzip the bag and start loading the stuffed animals. I love that the zipper is covered by an extra layer of fabric so that it will be hidden when everything is stuffed in there.

I chose the extra large size and it was more than enough for all her stuffies! She was even able to put a couple extra plush pillows in there and only kept out the pillows that we needed for her reading area.



When all her stuffed animals and plush dolls are all in the bag, it will turn into a “bean” bag chair which is pretty amazing for the multiple use. I love multi-use things because they’re the best space savers ever! When she is ready to play with her stuffed animals she can simply unzip the bag and take them out. It’s an easy clean up that little kiddos will know to do because when they’re done just stuff them back in.

Of course though, she will never let Kiki be stuffed inside the chair haha. This bunny is her favorite and always sleeps and takes her everywhere! Check out all the other prints that is available at Creative QT and get ready to organize all the stuffed animals in your little kiddo’s room. You will love it because I LOVE THIS THING so much. Hello clean floor and room! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and see you on the next post!

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