South Hill Park & Nathan Memorial Trail

Do you love walking trails? By walking trails, I mean jogging, biking, running, and walking trail! Puyallup, Washington has the best trail by far in my opinion because of its special features. I think it’s because I’m a mom that I find this trail the best there is that meets our mom standards. What I mean by that is:


  • It is paved. So good for strollers especially if we have young kids that always ends up needing the stroller no matter how much they say they want to walk with us.
  • It is PAAAAVED. It’s so great during the summer when the older kids are out of school and we HAVE to take them. Good for riding bikes or riding on the stroller.
  • It’s shaded. I LOVE this. It blocks the sun when it gets too hot and trust me if you power walk or lightly jog, you will get hot haha.
  • The trail is connected to the South Hill Community park… that has a playground. Enough said.
  • Has a public bathroom!


South Hill Community Park &
Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail

14201 86th Ave E, Puyallup, WA 98373
(253) 798-4177


In the South Hill Community park, there are two sides. Facing the actual park from the road, the Nathan Memorial Trail will be on your left and you’ll know it because of this sign! It will tell you a bit of history before you start your morning exercise.


It’s Summer time so kids will always come with us everywhere! EVERYWHERE. I think it’s so great, though because they are getting the same exercise as us which is beneficial to them. Keep active!


There are at least three or four benches in this trail, therefore if you or your kids get tired and need a quick snack… you’ll have a place for it. Want to know something funny? They wanted a break after 5 minutes on the wheels. HAHA.


nathan memorial trail

Here is a screenshot of the the whole trail. There are:


  • One short loop
  • One long loop
  • One trail that goes north all the way to Heritage Park


My sister and I starts on the green dot which is where the trail sign is and we usually go towards the long trail to go north, come back around using the longer loop trail. We then go back to the starting point and finish off with the short loop before we let the kids let loose in the playground!



The Park is located on the right side when you are facing the area from the road and you’ll see this wonderful sign!



The Older Kids Play Area


This playground is pretty nice, it has many different structures to challenge the kiddos while giving them a lot of room especially if there are many kids present. Mimi is practicing on climbing!


The wavy slide! You want to slide down or climb up?


I really like this round monkey bars. Such a space saver!


Okay, so I know that the kids go down the slide and I also know that they climb UP the slides. But I think since this is one of those tunnel slides that now kids can climb on TOP of the slide.


The Toddler Area


No worries, mamas with toddlers… there is always a place for your kiddos! I find these baby playgrounds so cute.


The bathroom is located near the toddler playground area close to the road. There is a men’s bathroom and a women’s bathroom with two stalls in each!


This trail is seriously our favorite. It’s completely COMPLETE with everything that we need. Oh, I want to mention that when you go on the long trail for the first time, it will feel so long that you almost feel like you’re going to get lost. Don’t worry! As long as you go with a walking partner and you see this bridge along the way… you’re almost close to the finish line (which is the heritage park) There is another play area for the kids there, benches, and places to sit to rest before you make your way back. I’ll do another post on that park soon, but first visit this walking trail if you’re looking for places to visit or if you’d like to make a routine in your lifestyle. You’ll love it! Thank you so much for visiting and until next time!





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