Sonia G. Keyaki Brush Travel Set

sonia g keyaki brush set

If you’ve been wondering what is a great travel makeup brush set… It’s this one! The Sonia G. Keyaki Brush set has everything you need. It may have been for travel, but if you just want great quality brushes, these are all you need! This was released on December 9th and it is a limited edition holiday set… so if you love what you see, snag it!!


This set comes with two face brushes and three eyeshadow brushes. They all have compact handle sizes!

sonia g keyaki brush set

Don’t you just love how the handle is very unique and elegant looking? The black and the darkened wooden handles just look so beautiful!


sonia g keyaki brush set

The mini base is to apply your powder OR cream foundations. This is made with white saikoho goat hairs and synthetic material so that you can apply cream foundations without worry. I used this for both my foundation and concealer. The size is so amazing for both! I usually change into my concealer brush when applying around my nose area, but the size of this… is just really good for either.


sonia g keyaki brush set

The classic face brush is to apply your powders! You can use this to apply a light wash of mineral foundation, set your face, apply blush, bronzer, and even highlight. Ahhhh this brush is so nice!

sonia g keyaki brush set

I forgot to take a photo of the mini base on my face so you can see the size, but this will do. Haha! The classic face size is pretty nice because I was able to set under my eyes and my face easily.


sonia g keyaki brush set

We have got to talk about the eye brushes now. Man! This brush is a really great blender brush. This type of brush is really great for multi purpose use. I would start to use this brush to apply transition shades in my crease. Then later, I would use the same brush to apply darker shades on my outer v, then turn the brush to the side to blend it and unto the crease. Do I make sense?

sonia g keyaki brush set
sonia g keyaki brush set

The size of this IS jumbo but it’s not too big for my eye shape and size. I usually use so many brushes for my eyeshadows… but this shape, size, and feel of this brush make it a great choice for multi-purpose use.


sonia g keyaki brush set

If you have smaller eyes like mine, or somewhat hooded. My right eye is more hooded than my left so it has always been harder for me. LOL. I know. The brush size is amazing for the crease and even on the lower lashline. If I want to deepen up my outer v more or finish up my eyelook after apply eyeliner, I use this to connect everything together. It is so easy to use!


sonia g keyaki brush set

Hi. Meet the flat definer. If you don’t like to use your finger to apply shimmers on your eyelid… then you need THIS. It’s so small but very dense so that it applies the shimmers very well.

sonia g keyaki brush set

This can also be used to apply inner corner highlight and the brow bone highlight. If the photos aren’t enough for you to see the functionality of the brushes, then…


sonia g keyaki brush set

In the video, I share a demonstration of the brushes as well as showcasing a look using the Natasha Denona bronze palette. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for visiting my blog post and I will see you on the next one!

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Sonia G. Keyaki Brush Set



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