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Dear Friends,

I remember when my youngest was a newborn baby. I used to lay down next to her as she falls asleep to nap or fall asleep for the night. I would stay there and wait until she has actually fallen asleep. Sometimes that would take so long that I would get so bored. So, I then would journal about my day right there on my phone to pass the time!

Fast forward to the recent, it seems like I no longer write about the days. At least not often. I became what felt so superficial to only write about reviews of things that I wondered what was missing. I love writing about products as it can really help someone who is looking to purchase those items before they spend their hard earned money. I love connecting to someone knowing that I have helped them see about the item they’re wondering about! I love to help people find ideas on how to decorate their home or organize it.

But that isn’t all the purpose for my blog. It was also to write about real life things. The real day to day life and it’s blessings and it’s struggles! To be able to vulnerably share with you who read this blog and connecting with you in a deeper level. It’s funny how that works and how long time can pass before I realize it. My Heart was trying to say to speak from my heart. My God is my Heart that kept tugging at my physical heart.

Today, I started a devotional with my son and youngest daughter. I found some nice ones for their age group. It has two minute videos along with a written devotion. We would watch together, and have each of them read aloud something from the written part. I think I love it. It’s 28 days long so I am making it a priority to make this part of their life. Fed by God’s Word to be able to do God’s work!

For my oldest, my pre-teen daughter… I downloaded the actual Bible app on her iPhone. Created an account for her do the Bible plans with me on my account. I explained to her that each day there is a devotional along with the Bible passages as evidence for the message of the day. At the end, there is a “Talk it over” part where we each would write down what God is speaking to us through it or what our thoughts of it were. Our day 1 starts tomorrow and I’m pretty excited!

She is growing older and knowing how the world works , she needs to also grow in wisdom and take that wisdom God has given us to apply it daily in her life. Also, to have a deep relationship with God through constant prayer! Since the kids is transitioning to in person school again, I am praying that this will help guide her through middle school and high school. I say that because I know prayer is huge for the transformation of the heart if we regularly seek counsel from our Father. Read below!

I was looking at my notes and one of my early ones talked about some scientific data about prayer. I’ll paste it down below along with my thoughts that I jotted down in response of it:

“Neuroscientists have found that people who pray regularly have thicker grey matter in – their prefrontal cortex (part of your brain that’s responsible for focus and willpower – and their anterior Cingular cortex (responsible for compassion and empathy) The heightened activity in these parts lowers the responsiveness of the amygdala (responsible for fear and anger)” — Finding God In The Waves

God is so perfect in all He does and it shows in everyday life. Even in our bodies or parts of our bodies. The mind is where it all holds and begins. What will we hold and what will we begin? If consistent prayer can increase focus, willpower, compassion, and empathy while lowering our fear and anger… What do we have to lose by praying but so much to gain?

After all, praying is only another word for talking with God. It removes us from this physical world in the mind and connects us with Him. When I really think about it… God’s love is so unconditional that prayer is for OUR good. He knows what it does for us all the while we are just plainly talking with Him. I want to hold in my mind focus, willpower, compassion, and empathy in all the days of my life – so that I can begin and continue to react in response to these in my walk of life instead of fear and anger.

Gosh, as a parent and add my anxieties, this is so tough for me. In my fear, I just want her to do at home school, haha but in reality, this isn’t her call and it’s not anyone’s call really to just be in our own safe bubble. She needs to learn how to go through the trials with the help of Jesus. Prayer, study, and feeding herself from the Word constantly! From the books I’m reading and from the book of Mark in the Bible, we will all struggle and we will come to hardships and persecution. Those aren’t avoidable, but heading deep in the Bible gives us the tools that were literally given by God himself. Like that verse said, if He is for us, then who can be against us?

I believe God will protect her and I believe God will use me and my husband to teach her and show her how to live this life. Strong as a rock on God’s foundation no matter what happens.

During dinner today, my husband had us watch the kangaroo documentary that the kids wanted to watch the other day. It’s sooooooo interesting to watch. Their lives are so simple, but obviously they are living with contentment. That’s what I’m trying to apply everyday in my life. Never mind all the noise that life gives. No matter the STUFF that life dumps on us, stay in contentment and with peace. Sometimes I ask myself, why do I think these things from watching kangaroos? Haha. Some of those kangaroos were cute, some looked super buff, creepy looking, and some looked like a rat mixed with a deer and a koala and a camel. Like I said, soooo interesting.

I ended the evening reading a few chapters of the ‘Bait of Satan’ book and everyday I am so wowed by it. That is some truth and something to really think about. Gosh, I feel like everyone needs to read this book. I took some photos of the pages that like WOWED me.

Now that my husband has woken up from his much needed nap lol, we are going to finish watching our movie and have a glass of wine! Anyone ever try the Columbia brand merlot? We find ours from Safeway! It is so good! Well that will be it, friends. I hope that you found and recognize the blessings in your day. Guard your mind so that you only choose to see the positivity even through all the negativity in life. It is a difficult life and we tend to fall into worries, but Jesus Himself was persecuted daily! See the truth that God has revealed, realize your calling, and nevermind about the rest! Let’s you and I, try to do all things and work for the Lord, that way we find peace and joy wherever we go. See you next time!


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