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philips sceneswitch xoliviWhat is a living room? I mean, I just love the name of it. It’s a room filled with life and it’s full of life! It’s a place where families literally do almost everything. Entertainment, study, play games, read, work, and if you’re like me… a place where sometimes I enjoy me time and have coffee and food while I watch my tv shows. There may or may not be laundry folding in this room as well. There are so many different activities but there has to also be different lighting for said activities as well! I want to introduce you to the Philips Scene Switch 3 in 1 color change light bulbs for all your living room activities.

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philips sceneswitch xoliviThis is a non-connected lighting which means you do not need wifi or anything like that to use the different lighting features. You simply switch on and off your switch to cycle through the three colors. I love this light because I’m thinking of the “olden days” where you have to make sure you buy a daylight bulb or the regular warm light bulbs. I just remember always buying the wrong ones because I’m thinking I’m buying a daylight bulb, but it ended up being a soft white. No more guessing with this sceneswitch! 


philips sceneswitch xoliviWhen you first turn on the light, it will emit the Soft White lighting. This is usually the most used when you’re doing regular activities as it is easier on the eyes. My eldest and I are the biggest readers in the house, and the soft white is the best choice for reading books! 


philips sceneswitch xoliviLet’s switch off and on again! This time it’s the daylight bulb. The bright cool lighting is very helpful when you’re doing tedious work that need bright spot lighting. If you’re building legos, fixing a broken toy, working on a blog post, editing a video, checking your kids homework, or simply working on felt letter boards for a summer themed home decoration… the bright light is best! 


philips sceneswitch xolivi

Are you loving this switching on and off game? It’s so fun to see the features in action. Lastly, the last color setting is the warm glow. This one is pretty awesome for movie nights and cuddling. Just like in the theaters and how the light dims as the movie starts. This warm glow lighting gives you a bit of light so whenever someone wants more popcorn or needs to go to the bathroom, they can see their way. As a matter of fact, I believe in a little bit of lighting in the room when watching a movie on a super bright tv, it’s easier on the eyes, yes? If you love this Philips 3 in 1 SceneSwitch, check it out on their website! I think they’re available at Home Depot, but they’re also available on Amazon. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you had the brightest time here. Until next time, my friends!

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Philips sceneswitch 3 in 1 light bulb


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