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felt like sharing lime green felt letter boardToday was Mimi’s last day of preschool and as I dropped her off to school this morning, I felt some sort of bittersweet feeling that was borderline extremely sad. Haha, if that makes sense at all. It just reminds me how time moves so fast without regards to anything. Yesterday, it was as if I first became a mom to my eldest daughter, then today it’s my youngest’s last day of school. The next year will be completely different as all three of my children will be in full day of school… so here’s me enjoying the last few months with my kids before they grow and be little adults. What do you guys do during summer anyway?

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felt like sharing lime green felt letter boardIt would seem like I do make a lot of plans, but at the same time it’s those kind of plans where it’s stress-free. Since my kids are getting older, they seem to figure out what they want to do during days. Most of the time, I bring out a whole bunch of little activities that believe it or not, keeps them so busy! Bubbles, chalk, jump ropes, or even playing with and feeding the chickens! You can’t forget the sandbox, either. It’s actually really fun to play with the sand with play-doh tools.


felt like sharing neon orange felt letter board
Seriously though, during summer… somehow the time just stops. I mean, it doesn’t stop, but it’s so different. I don’t worry about bedtime and if lunch or dinner is a bit late, it doesn’t really do anything to our routine. This is all good stuff, but it also means mom forgets what day it is. Hahaha, can we all just admit that working from home sometimes just does this? So if we make plans this summer, please kindly remind me what day it is!

felt like sharing neon orange felt letter board
We don’t have too many plans this summer except the usual kick back and hopefully the occasional camping. I do have plans to discover more playgrounds here in Washington state. I might make it a little series here in my blog, this might be a fun thing to do with the kids before they say goodbye to me during the day next year. I’ll also be tagging along these Summer Felt Letter Boards to every new place we go to create our memories. It’s such a fun item to log the special places or event that we go to as a family. We will call it, “Felt Like Sharing Travels!” They’re also such gorgeous colors, I’m obsessed with them and these new colors called Kiwi Green and Neon Orange has got me feeling the summer vibes! They’re available now and if you’re interested – Use code Livi14OFF for $14 off your purchase. These are limited edition, so if you love it – meet me at Felt Like Sharing!

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