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 Paint, play, diaper change, snack! What do all these have in common? You or your kids are bound to get dirty or at the very least, messy fingers. Our family is a wet wipes family as in… we use it for everything. Even me as an adult, I find myself reaching for a wet wipe after eating when we’re outdoors or cleaning my diaper bag if one of my kids step on it with their yucky shoes! Wipouch by C’est Petite Vienna is my favorite brand for a reusable wet wipes pouch. Not only is it so amazing for daily activities, but the prints are beyond cute! This season, Vienna will be releasing four new prints on May 16th, 2018.


 Dino is by far the cutest print out of the four because hello dinosaurs! I love how the colors are mostly black but with pops of colors such as aqua, yellow, blue, and red. The Wipouch 60 is so great for many things besides diaper changing. We use this one mostly for arts and crafts and this is kept in our creative room. My kids are little artists and this is perfect for a quick clean up before we head back in the main house for a full hand wash. There’s no way those little fingers are touching door handles!


Number two of the new print is called Boltz and this reminds me of FLASH! This one is perfect for boy mamas because of the lightning bolts all over the wipouch. If you take a closer look, there is a grid as the base of the print and extra little baby lightning bolts, too! Another use for the Wipouch 60 is to keep on or close to your dinner table for an in-between eating clean up. What I mean by that is my kids are so messy that something needs to be wiped before they even finish dinner!


Did I tell you I love pastel? I mean, this Colours print is a nice mix of pastels of pink and grey, but the navy blue and grey makes this print very appealing to look! it kind of gives me such a peaceful spirit to my eyes and mind whenever I look at it, haha. The Wipouch 30 is so popular because of its compact design that allows you to easily store it in your bag for on the go. This easily attaches to your stroller because it has a strap that is detachable to easily hang to whatever you want depending on the activity you do. I’ve attached it the stroller, diaper bag, and even the headrest in the car!


Last but definitely not the least is Paisley. Meet Miss beautiful Paisley! This print reminds me of the Indonesian Batik shirts that my dad and brother wears. Of course though, this is way more feminine with the color choice. The periwinkle color makes this so unique. I love how Vienna chooses such pretty prints, but the color choices, too!

I don’t know what it is, but now that I’m getting older I am striving to at least walk two miles. This is not going to happen without bringing the kids, though! Like I said earlier, I love how it can easily attach to my type of stroller AND my sister’s stroller. Easily hang from an umbrella stroller or detach the strap on your jogger. Make sure you save the date for May 16th, 2018 for these upcoming prints! Check out the available retailers in your area: Wipouch Stockists. Thank you so much for visiting and until next time!



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