Baby, I’ll Grow With You

pello baby oval floor pillow

I love my kids, I loved it when they were babies and I love it now that they are older. I reminisce so much about the times when they were little and think about the things that has helped me in the young motherhood life. One of my favorite all time favorite like God sent me an angel in the form of a baby product was the swing. Oh, it was a lifesaver but there was one thing that I wish I had when they were babies…. is this floor pillow.


pello baby oval floor pillow

I’ve never tried a dock-a-tot or anything, but omgosh I wish I had this Pello floor pillow when my oldest was born. That was nine years ago! My oldest was the one who wanted to always be with me and feel close to me. Don’t you remember when you would put your baby down and they would wake up? HAHA. That was ultimately Keilani. This pillow is the oval size so that it can truly, truly grow with you baby as he or she gets older. This pillow can be used for tummy time during those infant years, as a safe little spot when they’re taking a nap when you’re busy doing your mama chores, or it can be used as a floor pillow when they get older.


pello baby oval floor pillow

My youngest daughter, Mimi, is five years old and she loves using this pillow when she gets to play her games on the iPad and when she reads her books. There has been a couple of times where I caught her doozing off about to fall asleep, haha. It’s that comfortable! Plus, if you live in a colder state like I do, this is awesome! There are two handles on each side so if you ever need to bring it anywhere, it’s easy to carry. It’s also WASHABLE. Big plus in my book!

pello baby oval floor pillow

By the way, this totally looks great in our teepee and gives the kiddos a nice space for their quiet time when it’s time for it. I like to put this super adorable snuggle blanket by Bebe Au Lait in the teepee area as well for added warmth and comfort! Check out the pillow by PelloBaby, there’s so many colors to choose from the round pillows and two from these oval ones. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and until next time!




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pello baby floor pillow


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