Monday Dates With Hubby

Dear Friends,

Mondays used to be me and hubby’s day dates! When Covid happened… that seriously halted extremely. You know when something stops? That’s when you know you truly miss it and appreciate it! I mean, I know I loved it when it was happening, but now I know I REALLY loved it. Having three young kids, it’s tough to have some alone time and it’s so much easier to do dates in the daytime when they’re at school. Mondays was my hubby’s days off which was perfect.

Zach is back to his normal schedule now and he’s back to having all Mondays off. Coincidentally, the kids are in the first cohort schedule so they also go to in person school on Mondays! When I typed in coincidence, I knew it wasn’t a coincidence. God knew I been missing my dates with hubby! He’s got things planned for us even when we don’t know it. Don’t you love that? Out of nowhere, you get an “AHA!” moment. I call those God moments!

Original Pancake House In The Spring!

First, we went to Original pancake house for brunch. Ladies and gents, I was sooooooooo excited to see a Spring menu! They have brought in some crab and salmon recipes that I know you will enjoy, especially if you’re a seafood lover. Speaking of Spring menus… let me go back to a couple days earlier. My girly brunch date with Lynn and Nat at Farm 12!

Farm 12 Weekend Brunch

We were Benedict babes on Saturday morning of April 17th. They were ordering Benedicts and I was so surprised to see smoked salmon Benedicts because I have never tried them. I love salmon, so there’s no way I could pass that up. I ordered that with a side of fruit because this girl trying to get fit. Anyway, this was sooooooo delicious. Natalie ordered the original ham Benedict with potatoes while Lynn and I ordered salmon.

As this picture was taken, Natalie just randomly said “Benedict babes!” LOL. I love that. This was so filling that all three of us only ate one Benedict. Talk about extreme protein!

Bread with honey butter

Since I arrived a bit late, the ladies already ordered their drinks. Oh my gosh, this latte is so unbelievably delicious. It’s Lavender Oatmilk Latte. I haven’t even drank anything lavender either, but golly gosh darn this was so good. Since it’s been getting warm out here in the PNW, this iced latte was perfect!

The Spring Menu At oph

I know you’re crying at the prices. I was and am, too. Okay, when we parked the Kei truck at the restaurant parking lot, I saw a HUGE photo on their window of avocados on a toast. I was like, “What is that? I’ve never seen that here!” Little did I know, they added some new meals and it had smoked salmon on top! I am enjoying these seafood brunch foods!

One big wheat toast, smashed avocado, and smoked salmon on top. Ugh, SO good. It was so filling that I felt like I had to stuff my sunny side up eggs in my belly. I couldn’t even touch the potatoes! Maybe I’m just over potatoes like Mimi is over diced potatoes. Before Spring is over, I’m DEFINITELY trying the Crab Benedict with asparagus. Click that link, you’ll see the full spring menu with photos!

I brought out my Spring and Summer bag!

While we don’t actually have our full Monday dates back because the kids are only in school for a few hours, those few hours are crucial! It’s so amazing to even have these few hours of alone time with just the two of us. It’s rejuvenating, uplifting, and so good for the soul! We both had an amazing time just having brunch and running errands, lol.

Work for the Lord and not for men and Joy will always reside in your heart.

While we are whispered by God to spend time with Him, we are also nudged by God to take care of our relationship with our spouse. Whether it’s a couple hours or a whole day and once a week, God knows the importance of stepping into alignment of the marriage covenant with God as our foundation. Praying with God renews and fills our Spirit, spending time with our spouse fills our love with one another. And those two always go hand in hand with each other! If it sounds like work, then you will just have to renew your opinion of work!

I asked my husband, “Can you be my Instagram husband for a moment?” LOL. I just love how freeing it is. I don’t have to rush to pose in two seconds or hide my big iPad/iPhone for my remote. Angles are also quickly adjustment due to him finding it for me! I was doing an Instagram post sharing about this Evy’s Tree joggers for their Mother’s Day sale. It’s soooo comfortable! I love Mondays and I love my hubby, lol.

I guess that is it for what’s been happening the past weekend. I hope you are enjoying these little nuggets each week and that it resonates with you. This is life and sometimes it’s good and sometimes it needs reminders to have joy. I have been loving this little nugget lately:

See how we live with the little so that we may know how to live with the big.

That applies huge to me, I guess regarding with my blog/YouTube/other platforms lol. I wrote a lot about it here in this post, and I was doing a huge reset about everything. I want every post to reflect on our God and for every post to fill your spirit as my readers. I love God and I love you. Who knows if I’ll be catching you when you’re feeling down and need a little pick me up? I want this to be a safe place where you can relate, overcome, accept, and renew.

With that said, I know I will lose a bunch of readers and followers on my platforms because they might not want to read about my faith. It already is happening and I see it everywhere. But God said, “Do not work for the glory of men.” And that cringes me to no end, lol because doing things for people’s approval literally is cringe.

Do you ever feel like that? It’s okay, I’ve been there and sometimes I am there, but that is what this blog is about and what it’s for. Realize. Overcome. Accept. Renew. Roar! Just roar lol, hey it’s another Benedict babe moment!! How do these little terms come up even, haha. What are some things you’ve been pondering about this week? Do share! Well, I love ya and have a beautiful day!


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